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How Can We Address Climate Change? Here Are Three Ideas
Art Carden | October 31, 2018

Markets Work in Higher Education: Tuition Fees Are Starting to Fall
Richard K. Vedder | October 30, 2018

Rent Control, Prop. 10, and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Adam B. Summers | October 29, 2018

How Can You Get Other People to Work for You?
Art Carden | October 26, 2018

Trump Should Stop Coddling Misbehaving Dictators
Ivan Eland | October 26, 2018

A Better Way to Spend Our Education Dollars
Kristiana Bolzman | October 26, 2018

What Does Your Morning Commute Teach You About Voting? More Than You Think
Art Carden | October 24, 2018

Harvard’s President, Lawrence Bacow, Is Wrong: The College Earnings Advantage Is Not Growing
Richard K. Vedder | October 24, 2018

Are We Serious about Reducing Poverty? Then We Need to Welcome Immigrants
Art Carden | October 24, 2018

Is It Time to Punish False Accusers?
Wendy McElroy | October 22, 2018

Push-pull: A Decent Explanation for How We Got the Moon
S. Fred Singer | October 22, 2018

Trump Continues Republican Hypocrisy on Fiscal Responsibility
Ivan Eland | October 21, 2018

CAFE Standards vs. Economics
William F. Shughart II, Arthur Wardle | October 19, 2018

Why Ignorance Prevails in Politics
Gary M. Galles | October 19, 2018

Three Questions For Aspiring Central Planners (Plus A Message from C.S. Lewis!)
Art Carden | October 19, 2018

How Does Economics Help Us Make Better Policy? Here are Four Examples
Art Carden | October 18, 2018

Should Legacy Admissions Be Allowed? A Debate
Richard K. Vedder | October 18, 2018

CA Prop. 10 Rent Control Measure Will Lead to Lesser, More Costly Housing
Adam B. Summers | October 18, 2018

Daylight Saving Time Costs More Than It’s Worth
William F. Shughart II | October 15, 2018

Republicans Adopt a Health Care Vision
John C. Goodman | October 15, 2018

Open the Door to Venezuelan Migrants
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | October 12, 2018

A Revolution Is Under Way in America
Tucker Carlson | October 11, 2018

Tuition Innovations: Money Back Guarantees and ‘Free’ Tuition for Heavy Class Loads
Richard K. Vedder | October 9, 2018

Austrians vs. Market Monetarists on the Housing Bubble
Robert P. Murphy | October 8, 2018

Employers Could Slash Their Health Costs Overnight. So, Why Don’t They?
John C. Goodman | October 5, 2018

Hacking Mosquitoes to Save Lives
Lawrence J. McQuillan | October 4, 2018

Due Process Reflects Human Nature and It is Our Best Chance for Fairness
Wendy McElroy | October 3, 2018

California Workers Triumph over Axis of Union and Government Goons
K. Lloyd Billingsley | October 2, 2018

The Public’s View: End College Racial Preferences
Richard K. Vedder | October 2, 2018

Why Is Anyone a Socialist?
John C. Goodman | October 1, 2018

The U.S. Is a Global Leader—and a Laggard—in Education Spending
Vicki E. Alger | October 1, 2018

Lessons From the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill Hearings
John C. Goodman | September 29, 2018

Despite Crusade Against School Choice, Most Americans Are Still in Favor
Vicki E. Alger | September 27, 2018

Stop Subsidizing Building in Flood—and Even Lava Flow—Zones
Adam B. Summers | September 27, 2018

Let’s Make a Deal! New Approaches to Setting Tuition Fees
Richard K. Vedder | September 26, 2018

Capitalism Mitigates Natural Disasters
Benjamin Powell | September 24, 2018

Reforms to Campus Sexual Abuse Policy Rattle Congress
Wendy McElroy | September 20, 2018

Bullying for Dollars: American College Football
Richard K. Vedder | September 20, 2018

Africa’s Reform Conundrum and Zimbabwe’s Tragedy
George B. N. Ayittey | September 18, 2018

What You Need to Know about Medicare for All, Part II
John C. Goodman | September 17, 2018

Even Professors Increasingly Question Whether College Is for Everyone
Richard K. Vedder | September 14, 2018

What You Need to Know about Medicare for All, Part I
John C. Goodman | September 14, 2018

Some of the World’s Most Powerful Banks Push Policies Circumventing Constitution and Federal Laws
Stephen P. Halbrook | September 13, 2018

Preventing Price Gouging Will Make Hurricane Florence Damage Worse
Art Carden | September 13, 2018

Government Is Not So Neutral on Net Neutrality
Adam B. Summers | September 12, 2018

Rudeness in Political Debate Might Not Be So Rude
Gary M. Galles | September 11, 2018

For Parents Only—the Dark Side of College and the Path Toward Healing
Samuel R. Staley | September 10, 2018

University of Akron: End Physics Majors but Become a Leader in Video Games
Richard K. Vedder | September 9, 2018

Helping Make College Application Decisions: Private Admission Counselors
Richard K. Vedder | September 7, 2018

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