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How Republicans Think About Health Care: Three Parallel Universes

Here is the one public policy question I am asked more than all others put together: What’s wrong with the Republicans? Today I will give the answer.

For the past seven years, Republicans have condemned Obamacare in virtually every speech. They have voted to repeal all or parts of it on 60 occasions. They have promised their own voters an alternative—again and again. But when their turn came—with Republicans in charge of both Houses of Congress and a Republican president—they weren’t ready.

It’s worse than that. In seven years, they have not held a single hearing on the matter. They have called no witnesses. They have conducted not a single seminar or briefing worthy of the name. They have neglected to reach out to the think tank community and health policy scholars for suggestions and advice.

Why is that?

John C. Goodman is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, President of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, and author of the widely acclaimed Independent books, A Better Choice: Healthcare Solutions for America, and the award-winning, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. The Wall Street Journal and the National Journal, among other media, have called him the “Father of Health Savings Accounts.”

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A BETTER CHOICE: Healthcare Solutions for America
Obamacare remains highly controversial and faces ongoing legal and political challenges. Polls show that by a large margin Americans remain opposed to the healthcare law and seek to “repeal and replace” it. However, the question is: Replace it with what?

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