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Does Lack of Health Insurance Kill?

The Republican health plan will kill people,” says Bernie Sanders. “The Republican Party is the party of death,” says the headline at Political dig. “Repealing Obamacare will kill more than 43,000 people a year,” says an opinion piece in the Washington Post.

Other writers have shown similar lack of restraint:

John C. Goodman is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, President of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, and author of the widely acclaimed Independent books, A Better Choice: Healthcare Solutions for America, and the award-winning, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. The Wall Street Journal and the National Journal, among other media, have called him the “Father of Health Savings Accounts.”

Linda Gorman is the Director of Heath Care Policy at The Independence Institute in Denver, Colorado

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A BETTER CHOICE: Healthcare Solutions for America
Obamacare remains highly controversial and faces ongoing legal and political challenges. Polls show that by a large margin Americans remain opposed to the healthcare law and seek to “repeal and replace” it. However, the question is: Replace it with what?

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