President Trump could win. Or he could lose. By no means does anyone know for sure. I base this uncertainty on six dimensions.

Dimension 1: Immigration

Democrats clearly seem to be implying: “Let all illegal immigrants into the United States. Then give them free health care, including the 11 million illegal immigrants presently in the country.” Costs to taxpayers would be beyond staggering. Trump, as we all know, opposes such actions. We can assume the public is divided. The unknown is: No one can divine the answer.

Dimension 2: Trump’s supporters

Hillary Clinton found out the hard way that it was political suicide to attack Trump’s supporters by calling them “deplorables.” Such an insult mobilized a reactionary backlash in spades. Yet all the time we hear of people being chastised simply for wearing a MAGA hat. That’s an attack on the voters themselves—never a wise idea.

Caitlin Flanagan made this same point in the May 2017 issue of The Atlantic, a left-leaning cerebral magazine. She knew better, and her title said it all: “How Late-night Comedy Fueled the Rise of Trump.”

Dimension 3: The silent majority

I live now in Oakland, California, which is consumed by liberalism. But I lived for decades in the Midwest and know that such one-sided consumption does not triumph there.