Just in time for National School Choice Week, a new national poll finds that support for school choice has increased to more to two-thirds of Americans. Hopefully, lawmakers are listening.

The American Federation for Children’s Fifth Annual School Choice Survey polled 1,200 likely 2020 voters and found 67 percent of respondents support the concept of school choice, including 40 percent who “strongly” support it.

The survey was conducted by Beck Research, a respected Democratic polling firm whose previous clients include the National Education Association, the country’s largest teachers union, a staunch opponent of school choice.

The survey results show strong and growing support for school choice across the political spectrum, including: Democrats, 56 percent, up two percentage points from last year; Independents, 69 percent, a seven percentage-point increase from last year; and Republicans, 80 percent, up 5 percentage points compared to last year. Fully 68 percent of white Americans support school choice, compared to 61 percent last year. Support among minorities even higher among African-Americans, 67 percent, and higher still among Latinos, 73 percent, a one percentage-point increase each compared to last year.