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In All Fairness: Equality, Liberty, and the Quest for Human Dignity
Edited by Christopher J. Coyne, Michael C. Munger, Robert M. Whaples
Vicki E. Alger Vicki E. Alger
Jonathan J. Bean Jonathan J. Bean
Race Issues,
Civil Rights
David T. Beito David T. Beito
Regulation, Privatization, Race Issues
Bruce L. Benson Bruce L. Benson
Privatization, Crime, Urban Issues, Environment
Ivan Eland Ivan Eland
National Security, Terrorism
John C. Goodman John C. Goodman
Healthcare, Welfare, Taxes
Stephen P. Halbrook Stephen P. Halbrook
Constitutional Law,
Gun Control
Lawrence McQuillan Lawrence McQuillan
Economics, Public Pensions, Water Policy
Robert P. Murphy Robert P. Murphy
Economics, Monetary Policy, Banking Regulation
Benjamin Powell Benjamin Powell
Immigration, Poverty, Regulation
Gabriel Roth Gabriel Roth
Transportation, Privatization
William Shughart II William Shughart II
Energy, Taxation, Environment, Regulation
Randy Simmons Randy Simmons
Environment, Water, Energy
Mary L. G. Theroux Mary L. G. Theroux
Homelessness, Education, Religion, Welfare
Alvaro Vargas Llosa Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Economic Development, Immigration
Richard K. Vedder Richard K. Vedder
Education, Economics, Taxes
Graham H. Walker Graham H. Walker
Education, Constitutional Law, Religion
William Watkins Jr. William Watkins Jr.
Constitutional Law,
Civil Liberties
Robert M. Whaples Robert M. Whaples
Economics, Religion

Should States Subsidize Universities?
Richard K. Vedder | Thu, Nov. 14

Those Shaming Amazon about Bangladeshi Factories Should Be Ashamed of Themselves
Benjamin Powell | Wed, Nov. 13

The Surprising Economics of Surprise Medical Bills
John C. Goodman | Tue, Nov. 12

The Emerging New Face of Affordable Health Care
Conor Norris | Tue, Nov. 12

Failed Selective Consumption Taxes Are Red Meat for Politicians
William F. Shughart II, Adam J. Hoffer | Wed, Nov. 6

Washington Elites Are Chaining Us to the Middle East
Ivan Eland | Wed, Nov. 6

News Alerts
“Randall Holcombe on Protecting Liberty” Research Fellow Randall Holcombe, author of Liberty in Peril is interviewed on Challenging Opinions podcast
Wed, Nov. 13

“Supreme Court Has Thrown a Wrench into the Machinery of Free Speech” Policy Fellow Ronald Trowbridge Op-Ed in The Hill
Wed, Nov. 13

“Socialism Family Values” op-ed by Sr. Fellow Robert M. Whaples, co-editor of the Independent Institute book In All Fairness TBD
Wed, Nov. 13

“Income Inequality” op-ed by Research Fellow Edward Stringham, contributing author in the Independent Institute book In All Fairness TBD
Wed, Nov. 13

“Time for Action-Minority Market Entry” op-ed by Robert Wright, contributing author in the Independent Institute book In All Fairness TBD
Wed, Nov. 13

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