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The Surveillance State | Abigail Hall Blanco
Posted: Mon. May 16, 2016

Abby Hall Blanco analyzes the discussion about national surveillance, the case of Edward Snowden and the leak of classified NSA information that confirmed the government collects and has access to the personal information of US citizens, as well as how individual freedom and privacy have been hijacked through the years under the guise of protection from terrorism.

Recorded: Thu. June 11, 2015
Experts: Abigail R. Hall
Type: Independent Institute Event

Why is Liberty Relevant?
Posted: Wed. May 11, 2016

Join Independent Institute at the 2016 Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars. By learning the ethical and economic principles of free societies that are essential to understanding, appreciating, and preparing for real world issues, college-aged students put themselves in the driver’s seat of “The Free Life”: a life of liberty in pursuit of the good. Are you up to the challenge?

More information at

June 20–24, 2016: Santa Clara, California
July 18–22, 2016: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Recorded: Wed. April 20, 2016
Experts: Martha Ekdahl
Type: Challenge of Liberty Seminars
Issues: Education

What Should be Done with America's Schools?
Posted: Wed. May 4, 2016

In this panel held in 1999, Williamson Evers, Andrew J. Coulson, and Myron Lieberman analyze the U.S. educational system focusing on three main topics: What are the problems in American schools? Why are American schools facing these problems? What kind of system do we want?

Recorded: Sat. April 3, 1999
Experts: Andrew J. Coulson
Type: Independent Institute Event
Issues: Education

Scott Sumner author of "Midas Paradox" on Macro Musings
Posted: Tue. April 26, 2016

David Beckworth, host of "Macro Musings" podcast interviewed Scott Sumner, author of "The Midas Paradox", on the content of this book, what caused the Great Depression, monetary economics among other topics.

Thanks to Mercatus Center at George Mason University for the permission to publish this podcast.

Recorded: Thu. March 31, 2016
Experts: Scott Sumner
Type: Radio
Issues: Economic History and Development (U.S.)

Presidential Promises | Benjamin Powell on Stossel
Posted: Wed. April 20, 2016

Aired on March 11, 2016, television personality John Stossel (Host of Stossel on Fox Business) presented the ten worst political promises from the US candidates like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz among others. Benjamin Powell, Research Fellow of Independent Institute was invited to analyze these promises.

Recorded: Fri. March 11, 2016
Experts: Benjamin Powell
Type: Television

Why Freedom? | Tibor R. Machan, Jan Narveson, David J. Theroux
Posted: Tue. April 5, 2016

This event was organized by the Independent Institute held on March 31, 1999 in Oakland California.

Introductory remarks by David J. Theroux.

TIBOR MACHAN: Until his death on March 24, 2016, Tibor R. Machan was a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, R.C. Hoiles Professor of Business Ethics and Free Enterprise at Chapman University, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Auburn University, Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute and Ludwig von Mises Institute, and Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute. Hes is the author of the Independent Institute book, Private Rights and public Illusions.

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, and author of The Libertarian Idea.

David J. Theroux is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Independent Institute and Publisher of The Independent Review.

Recorded: Wed. March 31, 1999
Experts: Tibor R. Machan
Type: Independent Institute Event
Issues: Civil Liberties/ Human Rights, Collectivism, Constitutional Law, Culture/ Society, Free Market Economics, Freedom, Political Ideology and Philosophy, Regulation and Deregulation

Taking a Stand: Reflections on Life, Liberty and Economy | Robert Higgs
Posted: Fri. March 25, 2016

Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute speaks at the Cato Institute about his latest book, “Taking a Stand: Reflections on Life, Liberty, and the Economy,” a collection of ninety-nine short pieces on a range of subjects including economic analysis, law, politics, and remembrances of colleagues.

This video was produced by Cato Institute, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Recorded: Tue. November 10, 2015
Experts: Robert Higgs
Type: Other Event
Issues: Education

Obama’s Historic Visit To Cuba is the Right Policy
Posted: Thu. March 24, 2016

Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland is interviewed on the Larry Conners USA radio show on KTRS. Eland says the 50 years of trying to get rid of the Castro brothers has not worked and it’s time for a different policy. Now that the Cold War is over, says Eland, Cuba’s future may be democracy, but not all countries would make good democracies. Cuba must open its economy in some way, he says, because the country needs capital.

Recorded: Wed. March 23, 2016
Experts: Ivan Eland
Type: Radio
Issues: Politics