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Property Rights

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Yes, Of Course, CEQA Hampers Development
Adam Summers
The California Department of Water Resources Wins Dishonor of California Golden Fleece Award for Its “Patch and Pray” Approach to Dam Safety
Briefing   10/17/2017
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Faulty Federal Flood Insurance Program Exposed by This Year’s Storms
Commentary   10/2/2017
Eli Lehrer
30th Anniversary: A Gala for the Future of Liberty
Event   9/22/2017
Vernon L. Smith
P. J. O’Rourke
Timothy C. Draper
Yeonmi Park
Here’s the Best Way to Limit the Risk of ‘Widespread’ Hurricane Damage
Commentary   9/13/2017
Benjamin Powell
Phillip W. Magness
New Book Examines Pope Francis’s Embrace of Government to Alleviate Poverty, Protect the Environment, and Create a More Caring World
Press Release   9/6/2017
China’s Great Migration
Book   7/1/2017
Bradley M. Gardner
Death by Government Housing (Policy)
Commentary   6/20/2017
Mary L. G. Theroux
New Bridges: Texas
Event   5/9/2017
George F. Gilder
Mary L. G. Theroux
Robert M. Whaples
Robert P. Murphy
John C. Goodman
Joshua J. Umbehr
New Bridges: California
Event   4/7/2017
William J. Watkins Jr.
Mary L. G. Theroux
Robert P. Murphy
John Hagel III
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Patrick M. Byrne
Alexander Lloyd
Is This North Carolina or Zimbabwe?: How Property Rights in North Carolina Deteriorated to the Level of a Third-World Country
The Independent Review   4/1/2017
Craig J. Richardson
Liquidating Federal Assets: The Best Cure for Ending the U.S. Debt Crisis?
Press Release   3/7/2017
Jerry Brown the Born-Again Land Grabber
Commentary   2/20/2017
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Scholars Shed Light on Pope Francis’s Hostility Toward Free Markets—and the Harmful Consequences for the Poor
Press Release   1/11/2017
Property Rights and Conservation: The Missing Theme of Laudato si’
The Independent Review   1/1/2017
Philip Booth
Zoning Rules! The Economics of Zoning Regulation
The Independent Review   1/1/2017
Samuel R. Staley
The Infrastructure Bank We Need
Commentary   12/28/2016
Samuel R. Staley
Political and Economic Lessons from Gene, Mel and Woody
Commentary   10/3/2016
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Why Santa Barbara Verdict Could Make All Californians the Winners
Commentary   9/26/2016
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Expanding Aid to Flood Victims Is Unfair
Commentary   9/23/2016
Robert W. Klein
The Road to Serfdom from Austria to America
Event   7/12/2016
Randal O’Toole
Mary L. G. Theroux
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Yaron Brook
John D. Chisholm
Federico N. Fernández
Barbara Kolm
The Secret to Restoring the American Dream
Event   6/7/2016
George F. Gilder
Rethinking a Century of Zoning
Commentary   4/29/2016
Gary M. Galles
“Cash for Keys”: Squatter’s Dream, Owner’s Nightmare
Commentary   4/13/2016
Abigail Hall Blanco
Cole E. Kasten
Supreme Court Decision Will Not Make Housing Cheaper
Commentary   3/25/2016
Benjamin Powell
California Coastal Boss Gets Fired
Commentary   3/2/2016
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Power Beyond the People: Why California Lags in Leadership
Commentary   2/2/2016
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Give States Control Over Public Land Out West
Commentary   1/8/2016
Robert H. Nelson
Asteroid Mining 101: Wealth for the New Space Economy
The Independent Review   1/1/2016
Alexander William Salter
Higher-Order Marriage
Article   1/1/2016
David J. Theroux
Love Gov Video Series Wins Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award
Press Release   11/12/2015
Is Your Home Your Castle? You Wish.
Commentary   11/11/2015
John C. Goodman
Taking a Stand
Book   7/28/2015
Robert Higgs
Robert Higgs Pulls No Punches in His Latest Book, Taking a Stand
Press Release   7/28/2015
New Love Gov Video Series Surpasses One Million Viewers
Press Release   7/27/2015
Love Gov Social Media Contest Rules
Press Release   7/23/2015
A Surge Against Proposition 13
Commentary   7/22/2015
K. Lloyd Billingsley
Get a Room (but Only if It Is Government-Approved)
Commentary   7/5/2015
Abigail Hall Blanco
Book   6/30/2015
Robert P. Murphy
Love Gov
Press Release   6/17/2015
Free to Choose Cities
Event   6/8/2015
Mary L. G. Theroux
Randolph Hencken
Neil Anthony Sims
Chris Muglia
Joe Quirk
Christianity’s Revolutionary Recognition of Women as Equals
Commentary   6/5/2015
David J. Theroux
The Great Charter Turns 800
Commentary   6/3/2015
William J. Watkins Jr.
Solving California’s Groundwater Problems
Commentary   5/1/2015
Aaron L. White
A Better Choice
Book   4/28/2015
John C. Goodman
Of Arms, Freedom, and Capitalism
Working Paper   2/5/2015
Charles A. Breiterman
Developing the Developed World
Event   1/27/2015
Peter A. Thiel
The Pope Should Read Public-Choice Theory
Commentary   1/26/2015
William F. Shughart II
Jayme Lemke
Healthcare Solutions for Post-Obamacare America
Policy Report   11/17/2014
John C. Goodman
The Reason for Big Government: The Firm
Commentary   11/12/2014
John C. Goodman