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Underage-Drinking Laws Kill
Commentary   1/4/2017
Abigail R. Hall
Anna Wavrin
Taxing Sugary Soft Drinks Is Paternalistic Nonsense
Commentary   12/19/2016
William F. Shughart II
Josh T. Smith
Clinton’s and Trump’s Family Policies—Terrible Ideas for Women
Commentary   10/31/2016
Abigail R. Hall
Reversing the Flight from the Family
Commentary   7/29/2016
David J. Theroux
Rejecting the Cultural Foundations of the “Progressive” Leviathan
Commentary   7/19/2016
David J. Theroux
Hillary’s One Good Idea—Before She Ruined It
Commentary   7/5/2016
John C. Goodman
San Francisco’s Parental Leave Law Is Bad for Business
Commentary   4/21/2016
Abigail R. Hall
The Economic Future: An Introduction
The Independent Review   1/1/2016
Robert M. Whaples
Higher-Order Marriage
Article   1/1/2016
David J. Theroux
Christianity’s Revolutionary Recognition of Women as Equals
Commentary   6/5/2015
David J. Theroux
Remember Roe
Commentary   5/18/2015
William J. Watkins Jr.
The Parenthood Market
Commentary   5/7/2015
Robert P. Murphy
Why Do We Have a Death Tax?
Commentary   4/28/2015
John C. Goodman
Are Liberals at Fault for the Breakup of the Family?
Commentary   3/17/2015
John C. Goodman
Are Your Political Views in Your Genes?
Commentary   1/7/2015
John C. Goodman
Obama’s Two-Front War on Kids
Commentary   12/3/2014
Vicki E. Alger
Figuring Out Life and Friendship
Commentary   10/23/2014
Wendy McElroy
The FAMILY Act Is Smart Politics, but Bad for Business
Commentary   10/4/2014
Wendy McElroy
American Education Needs Competition, Not Common Core
Commentary   9/2/2014
Vicki E. Alger
Private Schools for the Poor
Commentary   8/26/2014
James Tooley
Children at the Border Are Not a Crisis for Americans
Commentary   7/30/2014
Benjamin Powell
Voyage of the Damned War on Drugs
Commentary   7/25/2014
Mary L. G. Theroux
Tony Gwynn’s Greatest Hits
Commentary   7/18/2014
Robert L. Morris, Jr.
Why a Bill Against Medical Experimentation on Minors Is Necessary
Commentary   7/9/2014
Wendy McElroy
Nanny State Lessons from a German Homeschooling Family
Commentary   5/15/2014
Vicki E. Alger
Is Poverty Really the Result of Bad Luck?
Commentary   12/4/2013
John C. Goodman
America’s Technology Sector Is Too Eager to Cave to a Snooping Government
Commentary   11/1/2013
Mary L. G. Theroux
Willard Garvey
Book   10/1/2013
Maura McEnaney
Mere Friendship
Research Article   6/19/2013
David J. Theroux
Global Crossings
Book   5/27/2013
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Help the Family: Privatize and Depoliticize
Commentary   12/10/2012
David J. Theroux
Public Broadcasting: Wrong Battle for the Right
Commentary   10/15/2012
Art Carden
To Restore the Family
Commentary   10/11/2012
David J. Theroux
Are Employers Unfair to Women?
Commentary   9/1/2012
John C. Goodman
Holy Matrimony Plus Shipping and Handling: A Libertarian Perspective on the Mail-Order Bride Industry
The Independent Review   7/1/2012
Justin S. Merriman
Repeal and Replace
Commentary   6/30/2012
John C. Goodman
The New York Times Needs a School Choice Reality Check
Commentary   6/5/2012
Vicki E. Alger
Honor Veterans by Giving Their Children Better Education Options
Commentary   5/25/2012
Vicki E. Alger
C.S. Lewis and the State
Commentary   3/16/2012
David J. Theroux
Finding Wisdom in the Midst of Tragedy
Commentary   9/28/2011
Elizabeth Bernard Higgs
Yes, You Can Be Too Careful: Small Steps Toward Better Parenting
Commentary   9/16/2011
Art Carden
Public Schools and Online Free Speech: A Status Update
Commentary   9/8/2011
Anthony Gregory
Students Blocked from Attending Better Schools
Commentary   4/3/2011
Vicki E. Alger
Let Education Choice SOAR Coast to Coast
Commentary   2/27/2011
Vicki E. Alger
Wallets, Waitlines, and Walmart
Commentary   2/8/2011
Art Carden
Pat Robertson: Pot Isn’t the
Commentary   12/22/2010
Art Carden
“Surplus Population”? Sorry, Mr. Scrooge, But You’re Mistaken
Commentary   12/15/2010
Art Carden
How Economics Saved Christmas
Commentary   12/9/2010
Art Carden
How Can Economics Help Us Reduce Child Abuse?
Commentary   12/4/2010
Art Carden
A Nobel Laureate in the Family
Commentary   10/13/2010
Alvaro Vargas Llosa