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In the Shadows of the American Century
The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power
The Big Stick
The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force; War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft
Perilous Partners
The Benefits and Pitfalls of America's Alliances with Authoritarian Regimes
The Limits of Power
The End of American Exceptionalism
The Roman Predicament
ow the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire
Law Without Nations?
Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States
The New Nuclear Danger
George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex
Putting “Defense” Back into U.S. Defense Policy
Rethinking U.S. Security in the Post–Cold War World
The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
The Political Economy of NATO
Past, Present and into the 21st Century

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