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Date Title
4/16/1998 Technology Innovation: Competitors, Predators and Antitrust
Timothy F. Bresnahan, Stan J. Liebowitz, John E. Lopatka, Stephen E. Margolis, Janusz A. Ordover
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2/4/1998 Microsoft: Economic and Legal Perspectives on Antitrust and Monopoly
Bruce H. Kobayashi, Robert A. Levy, Stan J. Liebowitz, Stephen E. Margolis
1/28/1997 What It Means to Be a Libertarian
Charles A. Murray
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12/3/1996 Stopping Violent Crime: New Directions for Reduction and Prevention Watch
5/6/1996 Simple Rules for Open Markets
Richard A. Epstein
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3/27/1996 The Outlook for China, Human Rights and the Laogai Gulag
Harry Wu
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10/5/1995 The End of Racism: New Prospects for a Color-Blind Society
Dinesh D’Souza
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6/8/1995 Entrepreneurship and the High Technology Revolution: Honoring David Packard
William R. Hewlett, David Packard, George P. Shultz, Edwin V. Zschau
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1/19/1995 What to Do About Crime
Robert Higgs, Don B. Kates Jr., Chris Killough, William I. Koch, Joseph D. McNamara
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9/18/1994 Health Choices For America: Affordability vs. Bureaucracy
7/27/1994 Freedom, Welfare and Dystopia
Charles A. Murray
4/27/1994 New Opportunities for Excellence in a Freer World
Tom Peters
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2/24/1994 Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise
George Gilder
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12/8/1993 Hollywood’s Three Big Lies About Media and Society
Michael Medved
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10/7/1993 Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War: How Government Can Mold Public Opinion
John R. MacArthur
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7/22/1993 Out of Work in America: Is Government the Cause or Cure?
Lowell E. Gallaway, Steve H. Hanke, Lawrence A. Kudlow, Stephen J. Moore, Richard K. Vedder
6/23/1993 Clintonomics and the Lessons of the 1980s
Robert L. Bartley
1/25/1993 The Information Revolution and the New Global Market Economy
Walter B. Wriston
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7/7/1992 National Dinner to Honor Robert A. Conquest
G. Robert A. Conquest, Preston Martin, Czeslaw Milosz, Aaron B. Wildavsky, Harry Wu
10/29/1987 National Dinner to Honor James M. Buchanan
Thomas E. Borcherding, James M. Buchanan Jr., Maurice Mann, J. Victor Marshall, Daniel Oliver
10/8/1986 Reception to Honor Peter T. Bauer
Peter T. Bauer, M. Bruce Johnson, A. Neil McLeod, David J. Theroux, Gordon Tullock
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