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Event Transcripts

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1/19/2000 Freedom, Terror, and Falsehoods
G. Robert A. Conquest
Transcript $
7/27/1994 Freedom, Welfare and Dystopia
Charles A. Murray
5/16/2001 Friedrich Hayek and the Future of Liberty
Charles W. Baird, Alan O. Ebenstein
Transcript $
2/11/1999 The Future of Freedom and High Technology
Virginia I. Postrel
6/17/2004 The Future of Iraq: Democracy or Quagmire?
George Bisharat, Ivan Eland, James H. Noyes, Christopher Scheer
Transcript $
9/16/2008 A Gala for Liberty: The Independent Institute’s Gala Reception and Dinner
William K. Bowes Jr., Andy Garcia, Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu
2/15/2000 Global Warming
S. Fred Singer
5/27/2003 Globalization and Cultural Diversity
Tyler Cowen
Transcript $
11/15/2000 Gun Control: Separating Fact from Myth
Gary Kleck, David B. Kopel
Transcript $
9/21/1999 Guns and Violent Crime
Don B. Kates Jr., Joyce Lee Malcolm
12/8/1993 Hollywood’s Three Big Lies About Media and Society
Michael Medved
3/1/2005 How—And How Not—To Fight Terrorism
Michael Scheuer
Transcript $
9/21/2005 Immigration Wars
Peter Laufer, Benjamin Powell
Transcript $
1/25/1993 The Information Revolution and the New Global Market Economy
Walter B. Wriston
4/21/2004 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Global Marketplace
Daniel J. Edelman, Robert W. Galvin, Peter A. Thiel
Transcript $
2/16/2006 Innovative Solutions for Iraq
Peter Brookes, Ivan Eland, Lawrence J. Korb, Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Ret.), D. Gareth Porter
Transcript $
4/15/2008 Is the “War on Terror” Creating Terrorism?
Ivan Eland, Ian S. Lustick, D. Gareth Porter
6/9/2008 Is the Second Amendment an Individual Right?
Stephen P. Halbrook, Joyce Lee Malcolm
Transcript $
12/9/2010 Is U.S. Justice Broken?
David D. Friedman, Alex A. Kozinski, Edward J. López
2/12/2008 Is the U.S. Now Provoking an Arms Race in Space?
Mike Moore
Transcript $
5/8/2007 Is Walmart Good or Bad for America? A Debate
Ken Jacobs, Richard K. Vedder
Transcript $
5/9/2006 Is White Guilt Destroying the Promise of Civil Rights?
Shelby Steele
Transcript $
3/9/1999 Justice, Natural Rights and the Rule of Law
Randy E. Barnett
7/20/1999 Liberty and the Failures of Government
Walter E. Williams
4/9/2014 Liberty Defined
Ron Paul
5/3/2005 Liberty for Latin America
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Transcript $
5/2/2002 Liberty for Women
Wendy McElroy
Transcript $
6/21/2007 Living With a Nuclear Iran and North Korea?
Doug Bandow, Ivan Eland, Trita Parsi, Charles V. Peña
Transcript $
3/20/2001 Losing the Race?
John H. McWhorter
Transcript $
12/9/1999 The Microsoft Monopoly
Peter W. Huber, Thomas M. Lenard, Stan J. Liebowitz

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