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Tiananmen Square
Ten Years Later
Wednesday, June 16, 1999

The Independent Institute Conference Center

Timothy J. Brook
Professor of History, Stanford University. Author, Quelling the People: The Military Suppression of the Beijing Democracy Movement.
Danxuan Yi
Co-Founder, Guangzhou Patriotic Student Federation
Jing Chang
General Secretary, Tiananmen Generation Association

Ten Years ago, during a large peaceful student demonstration in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government deployed its military to massacre hundreds of unarmed students and other civilians in order to stop a growing movement for democratization and individual freedom. Since then, tens of thousands who have spoken out have been imprisoned, tortured and killed, and the government has refused to even admit that such atrocities have occurred. This special Independent Policy Forum will feature three outstanding experts, including two of the leaders of the original Chinese student movement. They will discuss the events then and since, the current movement in china for freedom, and the implications of current Chinese government policies for Americans.

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