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Date Title Audio Video
1/19/2000 Freedom, Terror, and Falsehoods
G. Robert A. Conquest
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12/9/1999 The Microsoft Monopoly
Peter W. Huber, Thomas M. Lenard, Stan J. Liebowitz
11/17/1999 The Civil War
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, Henry E. Mayer
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10/20/1999 Virtual Money, Privacy, and the Internet
Richard W. Rahn, Peter A. Thiel
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9/21/1999 Guns and Violent Crime
Don B. Kates Jr., Joyce Lee Malcolm
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7/20/1999 Liberty and the Failures of Government
Walter E. Williams
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6/16/1999 Tiananmen Square
Timothy J. Brook, Jing Chang, Danxuan Yi
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4/28/1999 The New Path for Africa
George B. N. Ayittey
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4/13/1999 What Should Be Done with America's Schools?
Andrew J. Coulson, Williamson M. Evers, Myron Lieberman
4/6/1999 Fixing America's Cities
Jerry Brown, Stephen Goldsmith
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3/31/1999 Why Freedom?
Tibor R. Machan, Jan Narveson
3/18/1999 Free Markets and the Economics of Life
Gary S. Becker, Guity Nashat Becker
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3/9/1999 Justice, Natural Rights and the Rule of Law
Randy E. Barnett
2/3/1999 Private Solutions for the Social Security Crisis
Alan J. Auerbach, Preston Martin, Michael Tanner
10/29/1998 P.J.'s Economics 101
P. J. O’Rourke
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10/1/1998 Dinner to Honor Sir John Marks Templeton Listen Watch
4/16/1998 Technology Innovation
Timothy F. Bresnahan, Stan J. Liebowitz, John E. Lopatka, Stephen E. Margolis, Janusz A. Ordover
1/28/1997 What It Means to Be a Libertarian
Charles A. Murray
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12/3/1996 Stopping Violent Crime Watch
5/6/1996 Simple Rules for Open Markets
Richard A. Epstein
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3/27/1996 The Outlook for China, Human Rights and the Laogai Gulag
Hongda Harry Wu
10/5/1995 The End of Racism
Dinesh D’Souza
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6/8/1995 Entrepreneurship and the High Technology Revolution: Honoring David Packard
William R. Hewlett, David Packard, George P. Shultz, Edwin V. Zschau
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1/19/1995 What to Do About Crime
Robert Higgs, Don B. Kates Jr., Chris Killough, William I. Koch, Joseph D. McNamara
4/27/1994 New Opportunities for Excellence in a Freer World
Thomas J. Peters, III
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2/24/1994 Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise
George F. Gilder
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12/8/1993 Hollywood’s Three Big Lies About Media and Society
Michael Medved
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10/7/1993 Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War
John R. MacArthur
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1/25/1993 The Information Revolution and the New Global Market Economy
Walter B. Wriston
7/7/1992 National Dinner to Honor Robert A. Conquest
Elena Bonner, G. Robert A. Conquest, Preston Martin, Czeslaw Milosz, John O'Sullivan CBE, David J. Theroux, Aaron B. Wildavsky, Hongda Harry Wu
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