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William F. Marina » Articles


9/11/2006 -The “Other” September 11: Stimson, the Bomb, Bush and Iran
12/9/2004 -How Teddy Roosevelt Fathered the “Bush Doctrine”
11/12/2004 -Empires as Ages of Religious Ignorance
10/18/2004 -Holding Up a Mirror to the Face of U.S. “Exceptionalism”
10/14/2004 -The Three Stooges in Iraq, and the U.S.’s First Stooge
10/3/2004 -George W. Bush & the “Mandate of Heaven”
9/25/2004 -The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!—To Iraq?
9/19/2004 -“If You Harbor Terrorists, You Are a Terrorist”
7/2/2004 -The American Revolution and Iraq
5/3/2004 -Torture and Civilian Deaths in Three Counterinsurgencies
4/23/2004 -Iraq: The Moon Is Down, Again!
4/13/2004 -The Marines’ “How To” Handbook for Empire
4/6/2004 -Iraq: The “People’s War” is Just Beginning
1/1/1989 -No—The Constitution as a Resolution of Revolutionary Debates
9/1/1983 -Florida’s Quest for High Technology
1/1/1981 -Did the Constitution Betray the Revolution?
4/1/1979 -Shooting Down the Conspiracy Theory
10/1/1977 -Inflation and the Disintegration of the Social Order
11/1/1976 -In Search of Reality: A Book Review Essay in the Bicentennial
7/1/1976 -The American Revolution as a People’s War
7/1/1975 -Militia, Standing Armies, and the Second Amendment
6/1/1975 -Surviving in the Interstices

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