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3/4/2012 -Tuning In to Dropping Out
1/26/2012 -The Innovation Nation vs. the Warfare-Welfare State
12/20/2011 -The No-Brainer Issue of the Year: Let High-Skill Immigrants Stay
10/19/2011 -College Has Been Oversold
8/4/2011 -The Virtues of an Unbalanced Budget Amendment
1/12/2011 -The Bounty Hunter’s Pursuit of Justice
6/7/2010 -Capitalism: Hollywood’s Miscast Villain
1/9/2010 -The Meat Market
6/30/2009 -How To Get a Liver When You Need One
3/18/2008 -Home Sweet Investment
2/23/2008 -Oakland’s Gun Buyback Misfires
1/16/2008 -Dismal Science Sees Upbeat Future
10/16/2007 -What is Mechanism Design?
11/18/2006 -The Legacy of Milton Friedman
7/19/2006 -Rebutting Dimitri: The Economic Truths About Immigration
5/25/2006 -Why Ruin the World’s Best Anti-Poverty Program?
5/20/2006 -Price Gouging Is Bad Medicine
4/25/2005 -Bringing the Consumer Revolution to the FDA
10/24/2004 -Private Prisons Have Public Benefits
8/4/2003 -Another Intelligence Failure
5/22/2003 -What Tax Cut?
3/31/2003 -A Brief Report on Economic Research on Obesity
2/25/2003 -Off-Label Drug Awareness Saves Lives
10/25/2002 -The FDA Needs a Big Dose of Economics
6/24/2002 -Two Bright Ideas to Reduce Drug Prices
4/29/2002 -The Real Enron Lessons
4/5/2002 -Home Cooking a Class Action
3/1/2002 -Partisan Judicial Elections and Home Court Advantage
2/4/2002 -The FDA Needs a New Head with New Ideas
8/23/2001 -Excess FDA Caution Threatens Health
7/30/2001 -Raising Electricity Prices Will Save Money
2/19/2001 -A Moral Solution to the Organ Shortage
11/30/2000 -Social Security, Privatization, and Market Crashes
10/20/2000 -In Praise of Tax Cuts for “the Rich”
5/22/2000 -Drug Price Controls: A “Cure” Worse Than the Disease
4/25/2000 -The Anti-Entrepreneurs
4/22/2000 -Debt Relief or Trade Relief?
4/12/2000 -Private K-12 Education: Society’s Best Investment
1/20/2000 -Barry McCaffrey Should Resign
12/2/1999 -Education and the Digital Divide
12/1/1999 -Judge Posner and the Topsy-Turvy World of Antitrust Law
10/25/1999 -A Primer on the Social Security Crisis
9/7/1999 -It’s California versus the Feds on Medical Marijuana
8/13/1999 -Internet Encryption and the Second Amendment
6/15/1999 -Bring on the Bounty Hunters
5/15/1999 -Cryptography Versus Big Brother
4/5/1999 -Congress Shall Have the Power to Make War
2/1/1999 -The Worst Idea Since Government-Run Health Care