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11/1/2017 -Only Amazon Wins
10/23/2017 -One Step Closer to Making Tax Reform a Reality
10/13/2017 -Lawsuits Endanger Google, and by Extension Harm All of Us
10/13/2017 -The Jones Act Must Be Repealed
10/12/2017 -ANWR’s Oil Reserves Are Too Important to Keep in the Ground
8/31/2017 -Status Quo Should Not Win When It Comes to Tax Reform
8/24/2017 -Lawmakers Should Stop Looking to the Energy Sector for More Federal Revenue
8/16/2017 -Philly Moves the Goalposts on Soda Tax
7/24/2017 -The Ban on Flavored Tobacco: San Francisco’s Nannies Are at It Again
7/21/2017 -Clean Coal Has Hit a Speedbump, but It Remains Essential
7/20/2017 -Will Three Mile Island Closure End in a Meltdown for Pennsylvania’s Electricity Consumers?
6/23/2017 -National Tax Reformers Should Look to Alaska for Landmines
6/19/2017 -Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future in the United States?
5/24/2017 -Why Nuclear Power Subsidies Must End
5/22/2017 -An Economic Winning Streak Through Tax Reform
5/22/2017 -Santa Fe’s Rejection of Soda Tax a Win for Public Health
5/12/2017 -Gridlock at the FTC Prolongs Washington’s Regulatory Status Quo
4/26/2017 -Taxes on Unhealthy Food Are Ineffective and Hurt the Poor
4/14/2017 -How the Ethanol Mandate Is Killing the American Prairie
4/3/2017 -Reprocessing Nuclear Waste and Yucca Mountain Worth Another Look
3/20/2017 -Antitrust, Regulation and the “Chicago School”
3/20/2017 -Serious Tax Reform Is the Key to Restoring Economic Prosperity
2/20/2017 -Tax Fairness Critical to Sustaining Growth of Energy Sector
2/17/2017 -Yes: Regulatory Red Tape Is Strangling Economic Growth
1/16/2017 -Setting Steven Mnuchin’s Tax Priorities in 2017
12/19/2016 -Taxing Sugary Soft Drinks Is Paternalistic Nonsense
12/19/2016 -Amazon ‘Deal’ Undermines Tax Rate Competition
12/16/2016 -Is This the End of Obama’s EPA Legacy?
11/21/2016 -Economy-Boosting Tax Reform May Finally Be in Sight
10/31/2016 -Dakota Access—Legal, Beneficial & Necessary
10/26/2016 -Oakland’s Voters Should Stop Soda Tax
10/3/2016 -Green Energy Dreams Will Hurt the Poor
9/12/2016 -Environmentalists’ Questionable Tactics in North Dakota
8/26/2016 -Treasury’s Regulatory Overstep Attempts to Fix the Wrong Problem
8/5/2016 -How Green Energy Hurts the Poor
7/15/2016 -Oakland Coal Ban Won’t Protect Vulnerable
6/13/2016 -Keeping Minerals in the Ground Keeps Them Out of the Economy
5/13/2016 -Philadelphia’s Proposed Soda Tax Is Government Manipulation
4/8/2016 -Obama Gas Tax Is Poorly Timed
4/4/2016 -Obama’s Energy Doctrine Is Proving Disastrous
3/22/2016 -Highway Death Tolls Will Skyrocket as 54.5 MPG Standard Takes Effect
3/18/2016 -Climate Activism Interferes with Responsible Public Pension Fund Management
3/14/2016 -Hot Dogs, Salads and Rent Seeking
3/7/2016 -Soda Taxes Morally, Ethically Bankrupt
1/18/2016 -Jan. 16, 1920: Another Day That Should Live in Infamy
12/28/2015 -Recycling Makes Greens Go Gaga, but It’s a Real Burden for the Rest of Us
12/16/2015 -Washington’s Holiday To-Do List Should Include Crude Oil Exports Policy Reform
12/7/2015 -Don’t Renew Export-Import Bank to Protect U.S. Business
11/23/2015 -The Atomic Age and Limited Liability for Nuclear Accidents
11/19/2015 -TVA’s New Nuke Plant Shows How Regulation Stifles Clean Energy
11/14/2015 -Bill Gates On Climate Policy: More Hot Air
11/4/2015 -Symbolic Gesture On Coal Will Ding California Pension Funds
10/28/2015 -Next President Must Embrace Brave New World of Oil and Gas
9/18/2015 -Thank the Shale Revolution for Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing
9/14/2015 -Berkeley’s Soda Tax Loses Its Fizz but Offers Important Lessons
9/4/2015 -The ‘Clean Power Plan’ Still Blocks Expansion of Nuke-Generated Electricity
9/1/2015 -Obamacare’s Tanning Tax Causes a Slow Burn
8/19/2015 -The Stamp Act Riots, 250 Years On
8/13/2015 -Is Shale Dead? Not by a Long Shot as Efficiency Improves
8/7/2015 -How Taxpayer Subsidies for Students Drive Up College Tuition
7/13/2015 -Should There Be a Tax on Soda and Other Sugary Drinks?
6/23/2015 -Drillers Big on Conservation of Water
6/18/2015 -President Obama’s Absurd War on Coal
6/11/2015 -Numbers Don’t Lie: Crude Exports Are in Americans’ Best Interest
4/6/2015 -Market Pricing vs. Water ‘Shortages’
3/20/2015 -Activists Could Limit College Earnings, Research
3/2/2015 -Time to Sever Fiscally Irresponsible Greece from Its EU Lifeline
2/20/2015 -Many Americans Grasp the Benefits of Exporting Crude Oil
2/9/2015 -President Obama’s Tin Ear on Clean Coal
1/26/2015 -The Pope Should Read Public-Choice Theory
1/19/2015 -The EPA’s “Carbon Rule” Ignores Nuclear Power
12/22/2014 -Oil Trains, Pipelines and Tanker Ships
12/15/2014 -Jeff Bezos and Amazon Should Be a Hero to Progressives
11/17/2014 -‘Redskins’—For Want of a Politically Correct Name
11/13/2014 -Harry Reid’s Tax-Raising Ploy Is a Political Bamboozle
11/5/2014 -America’s New Role in the Oil Market
10/1/2014 -Why Doesn’t U.S. Recycle Nuclear Fuel?
8/11/2014 -Declare a Ceasefire in EPA’s War on Coal
8/1/2014 -Chaos and International Child Abuse on America’s Southern Border
7/14/2014 -Coal and Nuclear Power Belong in Utah’s Energy Policy Portfolio
7/9/2014 -The KGB’s Successors and the ‘Greening’ of Europe
7/1/2014 -Let the Ex-Im Bank Fail
5/27/2014 -Putting Putin in His Place
4/16/2014 -Antiquated Law Adds Billions to Fuel Costs
4/14/2014 -Don’t Reform the Tax Code on the Backs of Over-Taxed Energy Producers
2/10/2014 -Don’t Abandon Coal After Elk River
12/23/2013 -Antitrust Busybodies
12/11/2013 -Danger of Overregulating Fracking
11/25/2013 -Name Change for NFL’s Washington Franchise Is a Trivial Issue
11/4/2013 -Coal, Gas, Oil and Uranium Are Still Best Energy Alternatives
9/16/2013 -Gain Leverage over Putin with Some ‘Shale Diplomacy’
8/6/2013 -Big Brother Declares War on Consumption
8/5/2013 -How a Goat-Farming Immigrant Changed Everything
7/2/2013 -The Costs of Overregulating Forest Management
6/27/2013 -Count Every Penny in Coal Leasing Debate
5/26/2013 -IRS Scandal Is Nothing New—It’s Always Been a Political Weapon
5/10/2013 -Atoms for Peace: Now What?
3/18/2013 -Think Ethanol is Environmentally Friendly? Think Again.
2/8/2013 -‘Sin Tax’ Costs Outweigh Benefits
12/10/2012 -Grover Norquist May Be Mocked in D.C., but He’s a Hero to Taxpayers
7/4/2011 -Obama Undermines Hope for Energy Independence
6/30/2011 -Flat Taxes Won’t Restore Our Global Competitiveness
5/24/2011 -Obama’s Schizo Energy Policy
3/16/2011 -Silicon Valley, Beware of Feds Bearing R&D Gifts
2/28/2011 -U.S. Energy Policy Holds Us Hostage to Events Abroad
1/27/2011 -Obama’s Regulatory Deja Vu
1/9/2011 -Congress Should Rein in EPA
12/14/2010 -Government Has Botched Airline Security, So Why Not Let the Airlines Do the Job?
12/10/2010 -Public Broadcasting Subsidy: Unnecessary and Irrational
11/12/2010 -How EPA Could Destroy 7.3 Million Jobs
9/14/2010 -Raising Taxes Is No Way To Spur Economy
9/5/2010 -Do We Need Another Stimulus?
8/31/2010 -The Costs of the Federal Bailouts
7/27/2010 -Crushing Oil Companies and Their Workers
7/21/2010 -BP and the Tragedy of the Commons
7/21/2010 -Preventing Another Deepwater Disaster
6/21/2010 -Moratorium on Offshore Deepwater Oil Drilling Wrong Move
6/8/2010 -Obama: Not as Honest as FDR
5/14/2010 -Inmates Buck Trend of National Obesity Crisis
3/17/2010 -Most Expensive Census in History
3/16/2010 -It’s (Past) Time to Free the U.S. Mail
3/4/2010 -Let’s Turn Off Daylight Saving Time
3/2/2010 -The President’s Bipolar Energy Policy
2/5/2010 -Put a New Tax in Your Pipe and Smoke It
2/4/2010 -Royalty Plan Would Ease the Surge in Textbook Prices
1/28/2010 -Bernanke Agonistes
1/21/2010 -Earthquakes and Economic Development
12/21/2009 -President Plans Another (Misguided) Stimulus Rush
12/8/2009 -In a Wikipedia Age, Should All Ideas Be Free?
10/29/2009 -Unhealthy Time Change
9/23/2009 -Obama Goes Postal
9/17/2009 -Eating Junk Food Could Fatten Your Tax Bill
8/6/2009 -State’s Policy is to Leave Money Sitting Idle during Deficit Times
7/13/2009 -Taxing Internet Sales Is a Recipe for Big Government
6/25/2009 -Being Fat May Soon be a Sin
6/14/2009 -CON: UM Economist Cites the ‘Folly of a Living Wage’
6/3/2009 -Nanny State Runs Amok With City’s Cigarette Tax
5/6/2009 -Bleak Future for Chrysler and GM
4/24/2009 -United States Motors
3/31/2009 -A Budget Solution—Sell Off San Quentin
3/11/2009 -Fiscal Obamamania
3/9/2009 -Bad Business, as Usual
3/7/2009 -Budgetary Obamanomics
1/26/2009 -Folly of Incentives
1/6/2009 -Paving Projects Won’t Boost Economy
11/23/2008 -Russia’s Bare-Knuckle Policy on Oil
11/17/2008 -Déjà vu for California’s Budget, Terminator-Style
11/13/2008 -Obamanomics and Tax Relief for the “Middle Class”
10/31/2008 -Time to Fall Back From Daylight Savings Time
10/19/2008 -Correct Suggestions Made on Corporate Income Taxes
10/18/2008 -Targeting ‘E-Tailers’ May Not be Wise for State
10/17/2008 -Panel Just Blew Smoke on Tobacco Taxes
10/16/2008 -Tax Panel Missed the Math on Sales Tax
10/15/2008 -Barbour’s Tax Panel Missed a Golden Opportunity
9/23/2008 -The Debate on ‘Energy Independence’
8/18/2008 -Fannie and Freddie Fleece the Taxpayers
8/6/2008 -Problems, and Government Interventions, Keep Growing
7/24/2008 -It’s Time to Cut Fannie and Freddie Loose
7/20/2008 -Spending Addicts
6/1/2008 -No One Holds Us Over a Barrel
5/27/2008 -Let the Market Manage the Oil Crisis
5/15/2008 -Stimulus, Shmimulus
5/12/2008 -Farmers’ Harvest a Bumper Crop of Subsidies
5/8/2008 -Sell State Assets to Close Budget Gap
4/12/2008 -Franklin Delano Bush Pushes a Bad Idea
4/11/2008 -The Fed’s Risky Business
3/17/2008 -Ben’s Big Bailout
3/7/2008 -Daylight Saving Time Costs Nation $1.7 Billion
2/20/2008 -A Failure to Stimulate
10/24/2006 -Prop. 86 and the Tyranny of the Majority
3/24/2006 -Stealth Tax on Oil Would Hit Investors, Nation
11/4/2005 -“Windfall” Profits Tax on Oil Would Slow Flow
10/10/2005 -Hurricanes Kill; So Can Hurricane Relief Efforts
6/28/2005 -Supreme Court Ruling Opens the Door to Abuse
5/5/2003 -The Yard Sale of the Century Could Ease the Crunch
1/19/2003 -A Third Way of Addressing Mississippi’s Budget Woes
10/29/2001 -Political Panic Trumps Terrorist Tragedy
4/22/2001 -Politics and IRS Audit Rates
11/3/2000 -The ABCs of Mississippi’s State-Run Liquor Monopoly
3/23/2000 -Gas Prices, Gas Taxes and Saddam Hussein
2/2/2000 -No Go from the NGA
1/6/2000 -Meathead Public Policy
1/5/2000 -Don’t Tax Internet Purchases
1/1/2000 -Junk Science Is Creating Bad EPA Policy
12/14/1999 -Taxing the Internet
6/8/1999 -Democracy on the Rise
6/22/1998 -Congress Still Hooked on Tobacco
10/3/1997 -In Extreme Excess: The Budget “Deal” That Really Isn’t- No Matter What the Politicians Say
7/30/1997 -Congress Picks Your Pocket For Your Own Good
9/29/1995 -Tax Collector for the Nanny State