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9/14/2017 -Trump Should Go to War with Venezuela’s Coffers, Not Its Military
7/31/2017 -The Beginning of the End for Maduro’s Venezuela?
6/28/2017 -Two Free Speech Wins
6/16/2017 -Another Financial Bubble Ahead? Statistics Suggest It Could Happen
5/25/2017 -Trump’s Foreign Policy—Interests or Values?
4/30/2017 -Ecuador and the Case of the Liberal Losers
4/26/2017 -Fate of Venezuela Hinges on Unity of Opposition
3/20/2017 -Will a Merit-Based Immigration System Work?
2/8/2017 -Lessons from Odebrecht
12/20/2016 -How Italy Became Populism’s Latest Domino
12/19/2016 -What’s Next for Cuba?
11/11/2016 -How China Has Created Its Own TPP
10/14/2016 -The Only Place Where ‘Leading from Behind’ has Worked
9/6/2016 -As Despair Spreads in Venezuela, Maduro Doubles Down
7/29/2016 -Europe’s Challenge After Brexit
6/9/2016 -Was That Really a Coup in Brazil?
4/22/2016 -Peruvian Elections: Another Fujimori in the Wings
3/29/2016 -American Populism Seen from the Outside
2/8/2016 -Spain’s Political Gridlock Is No Recipe for Economic Growth
12/7/2015 -Latin America Says ‘Adiós’ to the Populist Left
10/22/2015 -Argentina’s Last Chance
9/27/2015 -Europe’s Reaction to Refugees and the Reinstatement of Borders: It’s Tragic
8/12/2015 -Coming Soon: Another Rigged Election in Venezuela
7/14/2015 -Argentine Primaries Will Set the Stage for Presidential Vote
5/14/2015 -Election Shows Tribal Divisions Are U.K.’s Biggest Challenge
3/4/2015 -Chavez’s Legacy: Venezuela in Shambles
1/30/2015 -Lack of Reform, Not Austerity, Doomed Greek Economy
1/5/2015 -Castro Regime, Not Cubans, the Big Winners in U.S.–Havana Deal
10/13/2014 -Immigration Reality Check
10/4/2014 -Brazil’s Rising Star
8/4/2014 -Kids Crossing Our Border: Refugees from Violence
7/7/2014 -World Cup Exposes Brazil’s Broken and Corrupt Economic Model
6/13/2014 -Venezuela: The Protesters’ Power Is Rising
4/14/2014 -Hollande’s Very Public Private Life
3/13/2014 -Swiss Quotas Threaten the Best of the European Project
2/4/2014 -The End of Berlusconi?
12/31/2013 -Whither Chile?
10/29/2013 -Beginning of the End for the Kirchner Era
8/26/2013 -Immigration—Get Real
7/31/2013 -Border Security Fallacies and Immigration Reform
7/12/2013 -Positive Aspects of Immigration Bill Outweigh Its Flaws
5/31/2013 -Addressing and Discrediting 7 Major Myths about Immigration
3/18/2013 -Seize Opportunity to Reform Immigration
2/21/2013 -Immigration Reform Must Look Beyond Today
2/20/2013 -The World Goes to Monetary War
2/8/2013 -The End of the Latin American Left
1/11/2013 -The Post-Chavez Era Has Already Begun
11/19/2012 -France: Rebellion of the CEOs
10/11/2012 -The Man Who Saved Colombia
10/1/2012 -Chile Rises
4/10/2012 -Brazilian Economy Threatened By Bloated Government
12/13/2011 -New President Won’t Have It Easy In Spain
10/11/2011 -Do Obama’s Re-Election Chances Ride On A U.S. Bailout Of Europe?
5/11/2011 -Hasta La Vista
5/4/2011 -Pakistan’s Complicity
4/27/2011 -Cuban-Style ‘Updating’
4/20/2011 -Bailouts and Populism
4/14/2011 -Peru: The Other Half
4/6/2011 -Whither Brazil?
3/30/2011 -Latin America—No Drama, Obama
3/23/2011 -Nuclear Hysteria
3/16/2011 -Obama’s Trip to Latin America
3/9/2011 -Should Mexico Go the ‘British Way’?
3/2/2011 -Oil At $150?
2/23/2011 -Wisconsin Matters to the World
2/16/2011 -Obama and Brazil—A Fresh Start?
2/9/2011 -Who Won, Who Lost in Egypt?
2/2/2011 -Neither Justice Nor Stability
1/26/2011 -The Specter of Inflation
1/19/2011 -Baby Doc’s Return
1/12/2011 -Bolivia’s Mayhem
1/5/2011 -Carlos Andres Perez’s Prediction
12/29/2010 -Latin America, 2011
12/22/2010 -Pakistan’s Crooked Roots
12/15/2010 -The Brighter Europe
12/8/2010 -Latin America: Wikileaks Relief
12/1/2010 -Bullying Ireland
11/24/2010 -The Return of Stagflation
11/17/2010 -Ortega’s Google Army
11/10/2010 -Stealth Protectionism
11/3/2010 -They Do Things Differently in America
10/27/2010 -The Meaning of Liu Xiaobo
10/20/2010 -The Chilean Way
10/13/2010 -A Nobel Laureate in the Family
10/1/2010 -Ecuador: The Coup That Never Was
9/29/2010 -Viva Colombia!
9/22/2010 -The Roma Tragedy
9/15/2010 -The Stakes in Venezuela’s Vote
9/8/2010 -The Illusion of a Stimulus
9/1/2010 -Newsprint Matters
8/25/2010 -Brazil’s Third World Dilemma
8/18/2010 -The Surprising Mr. Cameron
8/11/2010 -The Cordoba House Symbol
8/4/2010 -Bullfights – The Beginning of the End?
7/28/2010 -Venezuela’s Smoking Gun
7/21/2010 -Cuba: Is It Different This Time?
7/14/2010 -Pathetic Spies
7/7/2010 -Argentina’s Tragic Hero
6/30/2010 -The G-20: Has Everyone Lost It?
6/23/2010 -Zuloaga, A Wanted Man
6/16/2010 -The World Cup
6/9/2010 -The Gaza Ghetto
6/2/2010 -Postcard from Hebron
5/26/2010 -Immigration, The Right Against the Right
5/19/2010 -Is Colombia Going Cuckoo?
5/12/2010 -Is David Cameron the New Mr. Conservative?
5/5/2010 -License to Oppress
4/28/2010 -‘South Park’ and Self-Censorship
4/21/2010 -Fabulous Fab
4/14/2010 -The Publishers’ Bogeyman
4/7/2010 -PIGS and Euros
3/31/2010 -Cuba’s True Martyrs
3/3/2010 -The Spanish Noose Around Chavez’s Neck
2/24/2010 -‘The White Ribbon’
2/17/2010 -Paulson and the Fear Factor
2/10/2010 -The General’s Gesture
2/3/2010 -Holden Caulfield vs. Steve Jobs
1/27/2010 -The Toxic Tongue
1/20/2010 -Open Letter to Sebastian Pinera
1/13/2010 -Kafka’s Ordeal
1/6/2010 -Latin America’s Tilt to the Right?
12/23/2009 -Chile’s Second Transition
12/16/2009 -The City that Went to Hell
12/9/2009 -Ceuta’s Scream
12/2/2009 -Taking the Wind Out of Energy
11/25/2009 -Brazilian Hubris
11/18/2009 -Time to Support Honduras’ Elections
11/11/2009 -Warren Buffett’s Testament
11/4/2009 -20 Years On
10/28/2009 -Mexico’s Debacle—A Teaching Moment
10/21/2009 -Beyond the Suitcase
10/14/2009 -Are We Stuck with the Dollar?
10/7/2009 -Peru’s Barking Dogs
9/23/2009 -Hilda Molina in Buenos Aires
9/16/2009 -The Enemy of Iran’s Enemy
9/2/2009 -The Swiss Scapegoat
8/19/2009 -The Tyranny of Oil
8/12/2009 -Hugo Chavez’s Imperial Chess Game
8/5/2009 -Are the Banks Out of the Woods?
7/29/2009 -Desperately Calling Romulo Betancourt
7/15/2009 -Michael Jackson—Modern Heretic
7/1/2009 -No Tears for Them in Argentina
7/1/2009 -Honduras—Zelaya’s Coup
6/30/2009 -The Winner in Honduras: Chavez
6/24/2009 -Not Their Finest Hour
6/17/2009 -The Rise of the Poor
6/10/2009 -Europe Goes Right
6/3/2009 -Showdown in Caracas
5/27/2009 -Uribe Must Be Stopped
5/20/2009 -A Time of Reckoning for the Poor
5/13/2009 -Under the Cassock
5/6/2009 -An American Eccentric
4/29/2009 -Should the Cuban Embargo be Lifted?
4/22/2009 -The Idiot’s Bible
4/15/2009 -The Summit of the Americas—Memo to Obama
4/8/2009 -Crime of State
4/1/2009 -Angela Merkel, Voice of Reason
3/25/2009 -Has the G-20 Learned the Lesson?
3/18/2009 -Peru’s Legacy of Graft
3/11/2009 -Time to Decriminalize It?
3/4/2009 -Let Those Banks Fail!
2/25/2009 -Slumdog Millionaire’s Indian Critics
2/18/2009 -Venezuela’s Bright Side
2/11/2009 -Darwin and the Right
2/4/2009 -China-Bashing
1/28/2009 -What Obama Can(Not) Do for Latin America
1/20/2009 -January 20, 2009
1/14/2009 -Welcome to Washington
1/7/2009 -The Decline of Israel’s Leadership
12/24/2008 -Mugabe’s Cholera
12/17/2008 -Obama’s Latin America
12/10/2008 -Slumdog Millionaire
12/3/2008 -India—The Other Side of Glory
11/26/2008 -Chavez’s Stumble
11/19/2008 -Congo, Death with No Angels
11/12/2008 -Hispanics at the Polls
11/5/2008 -The Obama Coalition
10/29/2008 -Cristina’s Plunder
10/21/2008 -The Conservative Rebellion
10/15/2008 -Rediscovering Latin America
10/8/2008 -Whose Fault was It?
10/1/2008 -Where is the Big Idea?
9/24/2008 -Wall Street Socialism
9/17/2008 -Lula’s Oil Dream
9/10/2008 -The Jewel of Medina
9/8/2008 -Lessons From the Poor
9/3/2008 -The Peasants’ Oil
8/27/2008 -True Patriots
8/20/2008 -God’s Tribunal
8/13/2008 -Putin the Terrible
8/6/2008 -Bosnia Revisited
7/30/2008 -The Ladies in White
7/16/2008 -Mission Not Accomplished
7/9/2008 -Europe’s Fear
7/2/2008 -Obama and Latin America
7/2/2008 -Che Guevara Was No Hero to the Many He Abused
6/25/2008 -Killing the Golden Goose
6/18/2008 -Ireland’s “No”
6/11/2008 -Oil Prices—Who Are the Culprits?
6/4/2008 -Forty Years On
5/28/2008 -Chavez’s Chums
5/21/2008 -Telma’s Ordeal
5/14/2008 -Myanmar’s Real Cyclone
5/7/2008 -Mexico’s Moment of Truth
4/30/2008 -Whither Lugo?
4/23/2008 -Where’s the Food?
4/16/2008 -The Other China
4/9/2008 -Zimbabwe’s Monster
4/2/2008 -The World’s Bravest Blogger
3/26/2008 -That Speech
3/19/2008 -Should the Federal Reserve be Abolished?
3/12/2008 -A Natural Gas Disaster
3/5/2008 -Putin’s Stooge?
2/27/2008 -The Same Old Cuba
2/20/2008 -Kosovo’s Independence
2/13/2008 -The Conservatives’ Despair
2/6/2008 -Chile—Birth Pangs of Citizenship
1/30/2008 -A Crime Against All Africans
1/23/2008 -Inside Chavez’s Missions
1/16/2008 -Translating Obama
1/9/2008 -The People’s Gold
12/26/2007 -Argentina’s Mirage
12/19/2007 -Uribe’s Plight
12/12/2007 -Fox vs. Chavez
12/5/2007 -In Search of Artemio
11/28/2007 -Liberty Dollars
11/21/2007 -The Illusion of Force
11/16/2007 -Argentina’s First Lady
11/14/2007 -The Humanitarian Dilemma
11/7/2007 -The Other Zapatista
10/31/2007 -The Myth of Che Guevara’s Corpse
10/24/2007 -The Glass Is Half Full
10/17/2007 -Among the Bolivians
10/10/2007 -Fujimori’s Shadow
10/3/2007 -The Green Consensus
9/26/2007 -Paraguay’s Illusion
9/19/2007 -The Rise of Hugo Chavez
9/12/2007 -Pakistan’s Thug
9/5/2007 -Mine Your Own Business
8/29/2007 -Lessons from the Rubble
8/22/2007 -Back to Basics
8/15/2007 -Latin America’s Global Players
8/8/2007 -The Politics of Bananas
8/1/2007 -Turkey’s Crescent
7/18/2007 -Corny Politics
7/11/2007 -Hong Kong’s Wisdom
7/5/2007 -The Family Jewels
6/27/2007 -Old Europe ... Is Getting Older
6/20/2007 -Why Ron Paul?
6/13/2007 -Are Dictatorships More Successful Than Democracies?
6/6/2007 -Jack Kevorkian Is Back
5/30/2007 -Venezuela’s Cool Hero
5/23/2007 -Rosita’s Crime
5/16/2007 -The Challenge of the “Sects”
5/9/2007 -Is France Ready for Sarkozy?
5/3/2007 -The Return of the Idiot
4/25/2007 -Inside the Bush Administration
4/18/2007 -The Populist Republic
4/11/2007 -Pleading for Trade
4/4/2007 -The Ethanol Alliance
3/28/2007 -Europe—Janus’ Dilemma
3/21/2007 -Silent Heroes
3/14/2007 -Infidel
3/7/2007 -Bush Heads South
2/28/2007 -Colombia’s “Para-Politics”
2/21/2007 -Al-Qaeda On Trial
2/14/2007 -Obama, Viewed from Abroad
2/7/2007 -Western Guilt, Again
1/31/2007 -Kapuscinski’s Forest
1/24/2007 -The Battle of Algiers
1/19/2007 -The Freedom That Failed
1/17/2007 -Beyond Conspiracy
1/10/2007 -Killing Cocaine
12/27/2006 -Who Is Winning in Latin America?
12/20/2006 -You, Person of the Year
12/13/2006 -Lessons from Pinochet
12/6/2006 -Venezuela’s Stockholm Syndrome
11/30/2006 -Russia’s Dirty War
11/22/2006 -Milton Friedman
11/15/2006 -In Defense of “Borat”
11/8/2006 -Nicaragua Upside Down
11/1/2006 -How Would Latin Americans Vote on Nov. 7?
10/25/2006 -Flags of Our Fathers
10/18/2006 -Lessons from the Poor
10/11/2006 -The Other Side of the Wall
10/4/2006 -Lula’s Labyrinth
9/27/2006 -Mr. Conservative
9/25/2006 -Chavez’s Inferno
9/20/2006 -The Sex Strike
9/13/2006 -Goodbye, Tony
9/6/2006 -The Latins Go Nuclear
9/1/2006 -Nobody Killed The Newspaper
8/23/2006 -The Greatest Column
8/16/2006 -Lebanon—A Perfect Mistake
8/9/2006 -Could Puno and Guantanamo Be The Next Hong Kongs?
8/7/2006 -Beware the Carnivores
8/2/2006 -Cuba’s Transition
8/2/2006 -Cuba Libre?
7/27/2006 -Has Mercosur Gone Bananas?
7/19/2006 -The Lebanon Blitz
7/12/2006 -The Other Face of Europe
7/6/2006 -Will Mexico ‘Jump to the Top’?
7/5/2006 -A Tale of Two Mexicos
6/28/2006 -The Grandchildren of Islam
6/21/2006 -Among the Syrians
6/19/2006 -Democracy’s Caudillo
6/15/2006 -Soccer—The World Upside Down
6/7/2006 -Andean Blues
5/31/2006 -Beware of Oil Pundits
5/24/2006 -Can Lula Stop Chavez?
5/19/2006 -Immigration—The Wages of Fear
5/4/2006 -The Doha Joke
4/20/2006 -ETA—The Beginning Of The End?
4/11/2006 -Peru—A Fox Guarding the Hen-House?
4/10/2006 -The French Illusion
3/29/2006 -Nothing but Gas
3/22/2006 -Those Stubborn Shrubs
3/15/2006 -The Revolt of the Second Generation
3/1/2006 -Mexico—The Fraud of the Century
2/27/2006 -Why The Left Should Cringe at the Mention of Hugo Chávez
2/16/2006 -In Defense of Polish Plumbers
2/10/2006 -Aristide’s Revenge
2/2/2006 -Eight Myths About India
1/27/2006 -A Libertarian Dream Story
1/13/2006 -Chile’s Road Ahead
12/27/2005 -No Left Turn
12/15/2005 -How Latins View the U.S.
12/8/2005 -Lessons From Central Europe
12/2/2005 -Chile’s Pensions Under Fire
12/1/2005 -Bolivia’s Nightmare
11/18/2005 -France’s Flames
11/10/2005 -Fujimori and Global Justice
11/8/2005 -Populism’s Price on Free Trade
10/20/2005 -Human Rights, Revisited
10/13/2005 -What is China Up to in the Western Hemisphere?
10/7/2005 -Ten Shots at Che Guevara
9/30/2005 -Leaders and Crises
9/22/2005 -Lula’s Demise
9/16/2005 -Millennium Flop
9/8/2005 -The Failure of States
9/2/2005 -Drugs in the Andes—The Sausage Effect
8/26/2005 -Looking South on Social Security
8/22/2005 -The Poverty of Statistics
7/11/2005 -The Killing Machine
3/22/2005 -The Return of Latin America’s Left
9/6/2004 -The Fog over Conservative America
8/25/2004 -Next Steps in Venezuela
8/8/2004 -The Democratic Convention: The Bureaucratic Mind vs. the People’s Revolt
11/19/2003 -Colombia—From Invincibility To Panic
10/20/2003 -Negotiating Freer Trade—or Just Bigger Bureaucracies?
6/27/2003 -Latin America’s New Deal
4/10/2003 -Surgical Ordnance
11/11/2002 -Be Radical, “Lula”
8/18/2002 -Back from the Dead—With U.S. Help
4/22/2002 -Is It Civil Society—or the Same Old Story?
1/20/1997 -Market Reform—Idiocy, Myth and Reality