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Pierre Lemieux » Articles


8/4/2009 -Hutterites Steamrolled by the State
4/23/2007 -Virginia Tech
11/30/2006 -Capital Flight
6/5/2006 -Dissenters from the Drug War
3/27/2006 -Identity Crisis
3/13/2006 -What It Means to Be Civilized
2/21/2006 -The OECD Drift
8/30/2005 -China’s Surging Economy May Drive Prices Up in the Near Term, but the Historic Trend in Resources Has Been Steadily Downward
8/19/2005 -Oil Price Mirage
8/16/2005 -In Defense of Bribery
5/26/2005 -A Fund for Profit Activists
3/17/2005 -When It Comes to GDP, 2 - 1 = 2
9/22/2004 -The SEC Doesn’t Want the Truth to Get Out
8/2/2004 -Elections Are a Lousy Way to Run a Country
4/23/2004 -Canada’s “Free” Health Care Has Hidden Costs
3/19/2004 -Canada: The Land of the Free
2/28/2004 -Cut Spending $20 Billion
9/17/2003 -Crackdown on Jaywalking Shows We Have Too Many Laws
6/2/2003 -Screw the Welfare State? The Welfare State Requires Totalitarian Controls
4/4/2003 -Does Vice Pay?
2/26/2003 -Business Subsidy Scam
2/11/2003 -Guns and Economics
12/31/2002 -The Gun in the Labourer’s House
11/2/2002 -This Is Freedom?
4/6/2002 -It’s the Fat Police
3/16/2002 -Bush Overreacts to Enron
2/20/2002 -Who’s Served by “The Public Interest”?

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