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2/13/2009 -Banning a Risky Product Cannot Improve Any Consumer’s Welfare (Properly Understood), with Applications to FDA Testing Requirements
2/2/2009 -A Revealing Window on the U.S. Economy in Depression and War
6/11/2007 -If Men Were Angels: The Basic Analytics of the State versus Self-government
1/22/2007 -Military-Economic Fascism: How Business Corrupts Government, and Vice Versa
12/1/2006 -From the Armistice to the Great Depression
5/17/2005 -Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power
3/1/2005 -How the Western Cattlemen Created Property Rights
6/1/2004 -The Greatest Privatization Ever
3/1/2004 -Truman’s Attempt to Seize the Steel Industry
11/1/2003 -How the Federal Government Got into the Ocean-Shipping Business
7/1/2003 -Why Grover Cleveland Vetoed the Texas Seed Bill
10/1/2002 -A Tale of Two Brain Trusts
3/15/2002 -Thank God for the Nation State?
10/17/2001 -In the Name of Emergency
10/8/2001 -World War II and the Triumph of Keynesianism
9/1/1999 -From Central Planning to the Market
7/1/1999 -How War Amplified Federal Power in the Twentieth Century
9/1/1998 -The Mythology of Roosevelt and the New Deal
4/1/1996 -War and Leviathan in Twentieth-Century America
5/1/1995 -World War II and the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex
12/5/1994 -Nineteen Neglected Consequences of Income Redistribution
7/1/1994 -The Cold War Economy
10/1/1993 -Public Opinion: A Powerful Predictor of U.S. Defense Spending
3/13/1992 -Profits of U.S. Defense Contractors
3/1/1992 -Wartime Prosperity? A Reassessment of the U.S. Economy in the 1940s
1/1/1991 -Eighteen Problematic Propositions in the Analysis of the Growth of Government
6/1/1989 -Beware the Pork-Hawk: In Pursuit of Reelection, Congress Sells Out the Nation’s Defense
1/1/1989 -Do Legislators’ Votes Reflect Constituency Preference?
11/1/1988 -Crisis and Quasi-Corporatist Policy-Making: The U.S. Case in Historical Perspective
3/1/1988 -Hard Coals Make Bad Law: Congressional Parochialism Versus National Defense
9/1/1987 -Economic Warfare and Private Property Rights
1/1/1987 -National Emergency and the Erosion of Private Property Rights
9/1/1986 -National Emergency and Private Property Rights
1/1/1985 -Crisis, Bigger Government, and Ideological Change
6/30/1982 -Legally Induced Technical Regress in the Washington Salmon Fishery
4/1/1979 -Inflation and the Destruction of the Free Market Economy