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3/31/2017 -The Root Cause of Health Care Dysfunction
3/3/2017 -Repealing Obamacare Will Create, Not Kill, Jobs
1/26/2017 -Voodoo Employment Economics Threatens Healthcare Reform
1/18/2017 -Give VA Funds to Vets and Let Them Decide Which Hospitals to Use
12/19/2016 -It’ll Take at Least Two Years to Repeal and Replace Obamacare
11/4/2016 -Bill Clinton Is Right: Obamacare Is Crazy for Workers
10/14/2016 -The United Nations Report on Access to Medicines Is a Public Health Hazard
9/12/2016 -Obamacare Will Set Back Real Health Reform for Years
8/9/2016 -Can the Public Option Rescue Viable Obamacare?
7/8/2016 -A Bipartisan “Yes” on a Health Care Tax Credit
6/28/2016 -The Fantasy of Single-Payer Healthcare in the States
5/12/2016 -Taxpayers Increasingly Victimized in Obamacare Exchanges
4/22/2016 -The Congressional GOP’s Health Care Tax Credits
2/26/2016 -Opportunities for Healthcare Savings in Obama’s 2017 Budget
2/5/2016 -GOP Congress’ Budget Hits Reality Hard
1/22/2016 -Obamacare Joins Pile of Unfunded Liabilities
12/16/2015 -TPP Trade Agreement Undercuts Biologic Patents
12/15/2015 -Obamacare “Beneficiaries” Bleak Future
11/11/2015 -Jeb Bush’s Plan to Reform Medicare
10/20/2015 -Bush Health Plan Embraces Innovation and Patient-Centered Care
10/15/2015 -Hillary on Drugs: Bad Prescription
10/2/2015 -Health Insurance Across State Lines
9/14/2015 -Why There’s No Car Care Crisis
9/11/2015 -Health Plan Mergers: Clash of the Lobbying Titans
8/31/2015 -Occupational Licensing and Health Spending
8/12/2015 -Why Obamacare Is Hurting the Republicans
8/8/2015 -Medicare Devours the Federal Government
8/3/2015 -Only 20 to 40 Cents of Each Medicaid Dollar Benefits Recipients
7/17/2015 -The GOP’s Fiscally Unsound Health Proposals
6/25/2015 -King v. Burwell: Fix Obamacare’s Job Killing Tax Credits
6/23/2015 -Shrink Obamacare’s Costs By Removing Rule Driving Up Young People’s Premiums
6/22/2015 -ObamaCare and Employer-Based Benefits
6/18/2015 -King v. Burwell: Give Obamacare Benefits to Patients, Not Health Insurers
6/15/2015 -Lament for Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate
6/13/2015 -King v. Burwell: How Important is Obamacare’s Individual Mandate?
6/5/2015 -Many Congressional Republicans Opposing Obamacare Have a Conflict of Interest
5/13/2015 -Doctors Beware: the Electronic Health Records Debacle May Get Much Worse
5/11/2015 -Economic Growth Improved Health Coverage More Than Obamacare Did
5/6/2015 -Obamacare’s Enrollment Success Disguises More Fragmented Coverage and Care
4/30/2015 -Intellectual Property Rights for Global Health
4/9/2015 -Paying for the Medicare Doc Fix Is Easy
2/19/2015 -Do Not Go Gentle into Obamacare
2/9/2015 -How Domestic Medical Tourism Could Save Us All Money
2/9/2015 -Get the Federal Government Out of the Electronic Health Records Business
2/9/2015 -Administration Should Fully Disclose Risks to Enrollees in Obamacare Exchanges
2/5/2015 -Relax: The FDA Will Not Regulate Things That Increase the Flow of Your Qi
1/29/2015 -The Congressional Budget Office’s Rose-Colored, Short-Sighted View of Obamacare Spending
1/24/2015 -Under Obamacare, Will America Keep Winning the War on Cancer?
1/21/2015 -Obamacare Enrollments Slow to a Trickle
1/9/2015 -Digital Health Venture Funding Doubled In 2014
1/5/2015 -A New Year’s Resolution: Moving Beyond the Heliocentric Doctrine of Health Insurance
12/17/2014 -How Can Digital Health Startups Work with Health Insurers and Big Pharma?
12/15/2014 -Bye, Bye “Bailout”: CROmnibus Takes a Small but Important Bite out of Obamacare
11/19/2014 -Post-Obamacare Reform: Will Health Insurers Be Redeemed?
11/18/2014 -The “Average” Obamacare Rate Hike May Be Much Lower than Advertised—and That Indicates More Adverse Selection
11/12/2014 -Medicaid Spending Has Exploded, and It Will Keep Rising Faster Than Expected
11/12/2014 -‘Peak Obamacare’: Will Exchanges End With A Bang Or A Whimper?
10/22/2014 -Free of Obamacare Taxes, the Future of Health Is Digital
10/21/2014 -Yes, Obamacare Is Continuing to Hurt Employment
10/16/2014 -Mars and Venus on Medicaid
10/8/2014 -Hospitals Profit from Drug Discount Program for Poor Americans
9/30/2014 -Medicare Advantage: Mend It, Don’t End It
9/30/2014 -Kaiser Permanente’s Former Chairman Might Not Understand Why Healthcare Prices Are Different
9/24/2014 -The Return of Death Panels? Government-Funded End-of-Life Planning Is Morally Questionable
9/8/2014 -America Is Losing Its Cushion to Absorb High Levels of Healthcare Spending
7/14/2014 -Reform Healthcare to Make Hobby Lobby Irrelevant
6/10/2014 -The VA Scandal Shows the Problem with Government-Run Healthcare
6/6/2014 -Don’t Let Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Bury the Hard Facts
5/19/2014 -A 2003 Law Blunts the Worst of Obamacare
4/23/2014 -Flaws in the Senate GOP’s Obamacare Replacement
2/3/2014 -Make Employer-Based Insurance Taxable? Surprisingly, the Right Solution
1/27/2014 -Obamacare Chaos Threatens Health As Well As Insurance
1/27/2014 -Medicare’s Doc Fix Insanity
1/16/2014 -Medtronic Is Changing Its Business. Will The System Let It?
1/16/2014 -Executive Nullification: Why Obama Won’t Allow Congress To Legalize His Changes To PPACA
1/16/2014 -Obamacare’s Employer Mandate Delay Creates Two Big Problems
1/16/2014 -Prospects for Repealing PPACA’s Taxes on Medical Devices and Health Insurance
1/14/2014 -Can You Hear Me Now?
12/2/2013 -The New Healthcare Contract with America
10/7/2013 -The $35 Billion Windfall from Delaying Obamacare’s Individual Mandate by One Year Could Restore National Institutes of Health Funding for a Decade
9/14/2013 -Obamacare’s Medical-Device Excise Tax: Early Evidence Suggests Significant Harm
8/31/2013 -How Congress Encourages Shortages of Cancer Drugs
7/12/2012 -User Fees for Medical Devices: Third Time Lucky?
6/11/2012 -Repeal of the Medical-Device Tax Is Life-Saving Legislation
6/6/2012 -Obamacare’s Medical-Device Tax Kills Patients, Not Just Jobs
4/27/2012 -After Obamacare: More For The Supreme Court To Throw Out
4/20/2012 -ALEC’s Independence is Critical to Defeating Obamacare
4/11/2012 -Why Didn’t The Supreme Court’s Obamacare Hearing Cream Health Insurance Stocks?
3/9/2012 -Feed the Beast: Renewing the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA)
2/29/2012 -What I Learned At Haas Business School’s Health Care Conference
1/25/2012 -What Are The Costs And Benefits of Patents for Prescription Drugs?
12/8/2011 -Shopping for Health Coverage Versus Shopping for Health Care
11/18/2011 -Can the PayPal Mafia Fix Health Care?
9/22/2011 -Two New Ventures Simplify Consumer-Driven Health Care
8/9/2011 -How Medicare Curbs Will Affect Prescription Drugs
8/1/2011 -Why Don’t Health Insurance Exchanges Work?
7/27/2011 -80% of Employers Concerned About Health Reform’s Administrative Obligations; 30% Think Exchanges Will Offer Worse Coverage
7/25/2011 -Utah’s Health Exchange is Not A Success: Conservatives, Please Reconsider Your Arguments
7/21/2011 -The U.S. Government Will Like the Express Scripts-Medco Deal
7/19/2011 -UnitedHealth Group’s Earnings Call
7/13/2011 -Big Government And Health-Care Stocks: A Happy Marriage?
7/29/2009 -Healthy San Francisco’s Taxes Coming Your Way
1/8/2008 -Healthy San Francisco Raises Costs for Everyone
12/21/2006 -Filet Mignon, Pinot Noir and an MRI
11/29/2005 -How We Pay for Health Care / Let’s Pare Down the Paperwork