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10/16/2017 -Can Donald Trump Cut a Deal with Democrats on Health Care? Maybe.
10/2/2017 -How Graham-Cassidy Could Give Texans Better Health Insurance at Lower Costs
9/25/2017 -Ten Reasons Why Every State Should Welcome the Graham/Cassidy/Heller/Johnson Health Reform Bill
9/15/2017 -Save Us From the Health Care Reformers: They’re the Problem, Not the Solution
8/15/2017 -How Donald Trump Is Driving the Democrats Crazy
8/15/2017 -The Better Way Tax Plan
7/31/2017 -What Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand about Health Economics
7/28/2017 -If Republicans Could Get Past Their Obamacare Obsession, They Might Fix Health Care
7/24/2017 -Why Republicans Can’t Pass a Health Care Bill
7/19/2017 -Can Ted Cruz Save Republican Health Reform?
7/11/2017 -Republicans Are in a Health Care Trap. Here’s What They Can Do about It
7/7/2017 -How to Make Health Insurance Affordable and Attractive: Lessons for the Senate
6/30/2017 -What Democrats Can Teach Republicans about Health Reform
6/27/2017 -Lessons from Georgia
6/22/2017 -Do Conservatives Really Want to Repeal Obamacare?
6/22/2017 -Why You Can’t Visit Your Doctor Virtually and Why That Might Finally Be Changing
6/16/2017 -Should Everyone Be Able to Join Medicaid? Why Not?
6/9/2017 -How Republicans Think About Health Care: Three Parallel Universes
5/30/2017 -A New Approach To High Deductibles
5/26/2017 -Individual Insurance Buyers Were Better Off Without Obamacare
5/25/2017 -To Replace Obamacare, Don’t Overlook the Role of the States
5/17/2017 -Does Lack of Health Insurance Kill?
5/8/2017 -High Risk Pools Worked Just Fine Before Obamacare
4/26/2017 -Getting the Ball Across the Finish Line
4/23/2017 -Why Republicans Don’t Agree on How to Replace Obamacare
4/17/2017 -What Would a Free Market for Health Care Look Like?
4/10/2017 -Getting Health Reform Right
4/10/2017 -North Texas Already Has School Choice
4/3/2017 -Republican Health Care Fiasco, Part II
3/31/2017 -Republican Health Care Fiasco
3/17/2017 -Paul Ryan’s Health Bill: Good, Bad and Ugly
3/13/2017 -A Conservative Approach to Health Reform
2/22/2017 -Do Republicans Have a Death Wish?
2/7/2017 -Seven Questions To Ask About Republican Health Plans
1/30/2017 -How Republicans Can Keep Donald Trump’s Promises on Healthcare
1/26/2017 -Congress Has Already Started to Repeal Obamacare
1/20/2017 -How We Can Repeal the ACA and Still Insure the Uninsured
1/16/2017 -Barack Obama’s Faulty Memory About Health Reform
1/9/2017 -Four Minefields in the Repeal of Obamacare and How to Avoid Them
12/27/2016 -Why the Republicans Don’t Have an Obamacare Replacement Plan
12/16/2016 -When Pro-Business Is Pro-Labor
12/12/2016 -Republicans Are in a Nasty Obamacare Trap
12/6/2016 -Can Tom Price Fulfill Donald Trump’s Campaign Promises?
11/24/2016 -Shocker: Republicans May Not Repeal Obamacare
11/14/2016 -What Was the Election All About?
11/8/2016 -Why Should the Young and the Healthy Bail Out Obamacare?
10/31/2016 -Who Do You Trust More: Your Doctor or the Government?
10/18/2016 -Does Hillary Clinton Believe in Anything?
10/18/2016 -A Health Plan for Donald Trump
10/17/2016 -Can Republicans and Democrats Agree on What to Do About ObamaCare?
10/7/2016 -Will Colorado Vote to Socialize Its Health Care System?
10/3/2016 -Does It Pay to Work?
9/21/2016 -It’s Time to Liberate Health Savings Accounts
9/11/2016 -Protecting Patient Safety without Malpractice Law
9/6/2016 -The Left and Right Appear to Agree on Something that Will Produce Better Health and Better Pensions
9/6/2016 -Which Candidate Will Raise Your Wage? (Hint: It’s Not Hillary)
8/31/2016 -Obamacare’s Ugly Death Spirals
8/22/2016 -Some Republicans Are Just Fine with a Public Option
8/15/2016 -The Most Powerful Force for Reducing Healthcare Costs: The Marketplace
8/8/2016 -Do Republicans Really Want to Repeal Obamacare? Maybe Not
8/1/2016 -Best Kept Secret in Washington DC: The Future of Medicare
7/29/2016 -Why Republican Health Reform Would Be a Godsend to the States
7/15/2016 -Why Race Relations Have Gotten Worse under Barack Obama
7/14/2016 -Who Is on the Side of American Workers?
7/11/2016 -The Worst Entitlement Program in Our History
7/6/2016 -Free the Patient
7/5/2016 -Hillary’s One Good Idea—Before She Ruined It
6/27/2016 -Paul Krugman’s Democratic Party
6/24/2016 -Paul Ryan’s Universal Health Tax Credit
6/15/2016 -New GOP Bill Promises Real Health Care Reform
6/14/2016 -Identity Politics: Krugman Gets One Right
6/7/2016 -Five Things a New Health Savings Account Proposal Would Not Do
6/1/2016 -Do Republicans Have a Death Wish on Healthcare?
5/23/2016 -Hillary Clinton’s Non-Starter Health Agenda
5/17/2016 -Trump and Sanders: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
5/16/2016 -Eight Health Reforms the GOP Should Avoid
5/10/2016 -Can the Government Make Doctors Better Doctors?
5/10/2016 -Democracy’s Death Spiral
5/2/2016 -A Little Common Sense Could Save Billions in Government Healthcare Spending
5/2/2016 -Which Party Is Better for the Economy?
4/26/2016 -Roth Health Savings Accounts: What the World Needs Now
4/25/2016 -Welcome to the World of Rosencare
4/25/2016 -What if the Left Doesn’t Really Want to Achieve Its Policy Goals?
4/18/2016 -Better Care at a Fraction of the Cost—Only a Plane Ride Away
4/13/2016 -Putting the Democratic Party on the Couch
4/13/2016 -Radical Reform Labor Law, Part II
4/11/2016 -It’s Time to Abolish the Legal Term ‘Employment’
4/6/2016 -Why Do None of the GOP Presidential Candidates Have a Credible Health Plan?
4/5/2016 -$15 an Hour. Why Not $30? Why Not $100?
3/31/2016 -How Donald Trump Could Win the Election by Reforming Healthcare and the Tax Code
3/29/2016 -The Trump Campaign and Race Baiting at The New York Times
3/18/2016 -Is Free Trade Bad for American Workers?
3/18/2016 -Are High Deductibles A Good Thing? Part II
3/14/2016 -Are High Deductibles a Good Thing? Part I
3/9/2016 -Race Baiting, Polarization, and the Attacks on Donald Trump
3/9/2016 -Better Care at One-Tenth the Cost
3/4/2016 -Portable Health Insurance: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
2/25/2016 -Has The New York Times Become a Democratic Party Newspaper?
2/25/2016 -Where Did the Idea of Obamacare Come From? A Defense of the Heritage Foundation
2/16/2016 -Obamacare in the Workplace: Fewer Hours, Lower Incomes and Less Health Insurance
2/15/2016 -Bernie Sanders Is Not a Social Democrat; He’s a Marxist
2/15/2016 -Krugman Recants on Healthcare; The Left Is Apoplectic
2/8/2016 -Relief of Poverty: Four Centuries of Futility
2/7/2016 -The US Is Rationing Life-Saving Drugs
2/6/2016 -Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Inequality Is Wrong
2/1/2016 -Let Employers Decide How Health Insurance Should Be Subsidized at Work
1/25/2016 -Democrats’ Healthcare Debate: Clinton and Sanders Are Both Wrong
1/25/2016 -Why Are Some People Healthier than Others?
1/21/2016 -One Hospital Tells You What You Will Have to Pay—Before the Surgery
1/18/2016 -Why Are Hospital Prices So Crazy? Hint: The Hospitals May Not Be at Fault
12/31/2015 -What You Need to Know about “The Big Short”
12/28/2015 -Obamacare Taxes on the Poor and the Middle Class Held at Bay
12/21/2015 -AEI Health Plan: Many Good Ideas, but Some Missed Opportunities
12/17/2015 -The Biggest Threat to Obamacare Is Already Written into Law: No Insurance Industry Bailouts
12/10/2015 -How Much Should We Spend on Patients at the End of Their Lives?
12/7/2015 -Is Liberalism Good for Poor People?
12/2/2015 -What Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Understand About Healthcare
11/28/2015 -How the Left Thinks about the War on Terror
11/25/2015 -What Should We Do About Expensive Drugs?
11/23/2015 -What Barack Obama and the Democratic Party Can Learn from the Co-Op Failures
11/16/2015 -What Everyone Should Know About Rationing By Waiting
11/13/2015 -Three Excellent Ideas from Jeb Bush: Liberate Two-Earner Couples and Liberate the Elderly
11/11/2015 -Is Your Home Your Castle? You Wish.
11/11/2015 -Obamacare Premium Hikes Much Higher Than We’ve Been Told
11/7/2015 -Ideal Health Policy: First Do No Harm
11/2/2015 -Race To The Bottom: Competition In The Exchanges
10/30/2015 -What Republicans Should Be Doing: Holding Hearings On Obamacare
10/29/2015 -The Employer Mandate Is Having No Effect on the Percent with Health Insurance at Work
10/28/2015 -Why Making a Profit in Health Care Is Good
10/20/2015 -The Jeb Bush Health Plan: Five Ways It Differs From What Obama’s Done
10/19/2015 -How Government Regulation Is Undermining Mental Health Care
10/16/2015 -California’s New Law Advances the Right to Die with Dignity
10/15/2015 -Is Obamacare Good for the Middle Class?
10/14/2015 -Are High Deductibles a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
10/12/2015 -Why Is There Global Poverty?
10/12/2015 -Why Not Just Get Rid of Labor Law?
10/6/2015 -What Should Be Next for the GOP: An Alternative to Obama Policies
10/5/2015 -Jeb Bush vs. Paul Krugman: What Do Economists Know About Regulation?
10/2/2015 -A Market-Based Alternative to the $750 Pill
9/27/2015 -Capitalism, Socialism, and the Pope
9/26/2015 -Keynesianism vs. Paul Krugman and Why We Aren’t Growing Faster
9/20/2015 -The New Left: Envy, Resentment, and Hate
9/16/2015 -Counter Revolution from the Left: Corbyn, Sanders and Krugman
9/15/2015 -Why Obamacare’s Cost Control Efforts Aren’t Working
9/14/2015 -Why Is There So Much Economic Illiteracy? Paul Krugman Is One Reason
9/10/2015 -Why Does Anyone Work?
9/9/2015 -Limited Benefit Insurance
9/8/2015 -Why Raising the Minimum Wage Is a Bad Idea
9/1/2015 -Cato Goes Off the Rails on Health Policy
8/30/2015 -Earth to Paul Krugman and the New York Times: Debt Is Not Good
8/27/2015 -Don’t Repeal the Cadillac Plan Tax—Replace It
8/25/2015 -What Can Go Wrong with a Private Health Insurance Exchange? A Lot
8/24/2015 -Why Conservatives Should Care About Ferguson
8/21/2015 -Why Bobby Jindal Is Wrong About Scott Walker’s Health Plan
8/19/2015 -Scott Walker’s Health Plan: Good, but Could Be Better
8/19/2015 -Health Plan: Rubio Gets It Right
8/18/2015 -Was Obamacare Produced by Crony Capitalism?
8/17/2015 -Why College Tuition Is Out of Sight: The Federal Government
8/14/2015 -Why Was Social Security Designed Like a Ponzi Scheme?
8/9/2015 -What Does it Mean to Be a Democrat?
7/29/2015 -What Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand About Medicare
7/27/2015 -What Does Uber Medicine Look Like?
7/27/2015 -It’s Time to Rethink Our Labor Laws
7/20/2015 -More on Licensed to Kill
7/20/2015 -Can Everyone’s Wage Be Above Average? Krugman and Clinton Are Wrong
7/12/2015 -Licensed to Kill
7/10/2015 -Standing Between You and All the Benefits of Telemedicine: The AMA and the Federal Government
7/9/2015 -What Should Republicans Be Doing about Obamacare?
7/7/2015 -More Evidence of Death Spirals Ahead
7/5/2015 -Simple Solutions to the Worst Problems in ObamaCare
6/30/2015 -The Supreme Court Saves the Republicans—From Themselves
6/30/2015 -Block Granting Obamacare to the States: Sense or Nonsense?
6/29/2015 -Six Problems with the ACA That Aren’t Going Away
6/23/2015 -Krugman Wrong About Jeb
6/22/2015 -Should Republicans Kick the ObamaCare Can Down the Road?
6/22/2015 -Finally, A Republican Alternative to ObamaCare Is Emerging
6/18/2015 -Health Reform without the Vision Thing
6/11/2015 -How Much Is Medicaid Really Worth?
6/3/2015 -Jeb Bush’s Medicaid Reforms Are Working
6/2/2015 -Free the Nurses
5/25/2015 -Free the Students
5/25/2015 -Cassidy Health Plan: The Third Way
5/21/2015 -Why Are Some Countries Rich and Others Poor?
5/18/2015 -Is the Democratic Party Becoming Anti-Labor?
5/14/2015 -Power to the People: Can We Privatize the Welfare State?
5/13/2015 -How To Get A Drug Company to Give You an Experimental Drug and Other Health Care Updates
5/11/2015 -When Liberals Run Cities
5/8/2015 -Ten Things I Bet You Don’t Know about Health Savings Accounts
5/7/2015 -How Much of the Cost Should the Patient Bear?
5/6/2015 -Why Is There So Much Unnecessary Care?
5/5/2015 -Is Growing Inequality Caused by Liberal Public Policies?
4/28/2015 -Why Do We Have a Death Tax?
4/22/2015 -Single Payer Health Insurance: Why Bernie Sanders Just Doesn’t Get It
4/20/2015 -Libertarians Outnumber Both Liberals and Conservatives
4/17/2015 -Why Are the Obamacare Exchanges Such a Mess?
4/16/2015 -Is Obama Trying to Privatize Medicare by Stealth?
4/15/2015 -What You Should Know about Social Security
4/9/2015 -Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible?
4/8/2015 -The Doc Fix Is Small Change Compared to What Will Be Needed to Fix Obamacare
4/7/2015 -Can Employers Make Us All Richer by Paying Higher Wages?
4/3/2015 -Are People Getting More Care or Better Care Under Obamacare? No.
4/2/2015 -Why We Should Replace Obamacare with a Universal Health Tax Credit
4/1/2015 -Singapore: A Fascinating Alternative to the Welfare State
3/31/2015 -Obamacare at Year Five
3/24/2015 -Fraudulent Budgeting and Fraudulent Editorials: Krugman Again
3/23/2015 -Real Issue in the Israeli Election: Free Enterprise
3/17/2015 -Are Liberals at Fault for the Breakup of the Family?
3/13/2015 -Is the Middle Class Getting Squeezed by Liberal Public Policies?
3/12/2015 -Why Are the Women Who Can Least Afford Them Having Children?
3/11/2015 -February’s Job Numbers Are Worse than You Think
3/10/2015 -Is Paul Krugman Anti-Science?
3/6/2015 -Who Is More Anti-Science? Republicans? Or Democrats?
3/4/2015 -The Democrats’ Dilemma
3/4/2015 -Two Cheers for the Ryan Health Plan
3/3/2015 -Economic Updates You Won’t Want to Miss
2/27/2015 -Schizophrenia in the White House
2/26/2015 -Inequality Soared This Month: Did Anybody Notice? Does Anybody Care?
2/25/2015 -Answer to Krugman on Market Failure: Government Failure Is Worse
2/24/2015 -Health Care Updates You Won’t Want to Miss, II
2/20/2015 -Should Employers Be Required to Provide Health Insurance to Their Employees?
2/17/2015 -Krugman: Don’t Worry about Debt; We Owe It to Ourselves
2/14/2015 -Healthcare Updates You Won’t Want to Miss I
2/12/2015 -Grading the Republican Health Plans: Good, Bad and Ugly
2/12/2015 -How Obamacare Is Ruining Health Insurance
2/12/2015 -Can Republicans Agree on an Alternative to Obamacare?
2/9/2015 -Should Paid Sick Leave Be Mandatory?
2/6/2015 -Personalized Medicine: Government Is the Problem, Not the Solution
2/4/2015 -What Uber Can Teach Us about Health Care
2/3/2015 -Who Really Cares? Republican Governors Seem to Do More to Help the Poor
1/30/2015 -How Much Does Discrimination Matter?
1/29/2015 -Women: What Barack Obama Got Right and Many Conservatives Get Wrong
1/28/2015 -Why Is Obamacare Such a Mess? There Was No Adult in the Room When It Passed
1/26/2015 -How Much Does Discrimination Matter?
1/21/2015 -State of the Union: Debt, Debt, and More Debt
1/19/2015 -Paul Krugman Rejected by His Peers
1/19/2015 -Why Don’t Republicans Have an Alternative to Obamacare?
1/16/2015 -Just About Everybody in Health Care Is Ripping Off the Government
1/12/2015 -Two Views of Capitalism
1/9/2015 -How ObamaCare Harms Low-Income Workers
1/7/2015 -Are Your Political Views in Your Genes?
1/7/2015 -Is Obamacare Squeezing the Middle Class?
12/24/2014 -What Is a Year of Life Worth?
12/24/2014 -What Is a Year of Life Worth? Part II
12/17/2014 -Liberalism in Crisis
12/17/2014 -Is Obamacare Working?
12/17/2014 -A Republican Alternative to Obamacare
12/17/2014 -In Defense of Jon Gruber
12/17/2014 -Democrats’ Dilemma
12/5/2014 -Obamacare’s Impossible Challenge: Why You Can’t Make a Smart Choice Among Dozens of Health Insurance Plans
12/2/2014 -What Do Health Care and Global Warming Have in Common?
12/2/2014 -Why the Democrats Lost the Election: Obamacare
12/1/2014 -Health Reform Without Deception
11/28/2014 -Why Can’t You Have Health Insurance That Travels from Job to Job? Answer: Obamacare
11/27/2014 -What’s Wrong With Our Health Care Safety Net?
11/25/2014 -Obamacare’s Gift to Big Business: The Largest Firms Can Offer the Skimpiest Health Plans
11/24/2014 -Why Should We Care About Universal Health Insurance Coverage?
11/21/2014 -Is There Really Much Difference Between the Two Political Parties?
11/19/2014 -How the GOP Should Now Deal with ObamaCare
11/17/2014 -Facing Death: What If We Were as Kind to Humans as We Are to Our Pets?
11/17/2014 -How Net Neutrality Is Like Health Care
11/15/2014 -Liberals Are Already Trying to Re-Write the History of the Obama Presidency
11/13/2014 -Is the VA Socialized Medicine?
11/12/2014 -The Reason for Big Government: The Firm
11/9/2014 -Exclusive Interview: John C. Goodman
11/8/2014 -Democrats Discover Race Baiting
11/7/2014 -Is There an Alternative to Waiting for Care?
11/7/2014 -Why Do We Care About Doctor Self Referrals?
11/5/2014 -A Two-Tiered Health Care System Is Coming Faster Than You Think
11/4/2014 -So Why Do People Vote?
11/3/2014 -How the Democrats Plan to Create Jobs
10/30/2014 -Do the Democrats Have a Jobs Program?
10/29/2014 -What Seniors Have to Fear from Obamacare
10/27/2014 -Why Is There Political Stability? Because Most Voters Don’t Think Like Paul Krugman
10/24/2014 -Is There a Republican Alternative?
10/23/2014 -The Truth about Obamacare
10/22/2014 -Why You Have the Wrong Kind of Health Insurance: Obamacare
10/21/2014 -Are Placebos Ethical?
10/20/2014 -Bad News For Obamacare: Pay-For-Performance Doesn’t Work
10/17/2014 -What Economics Can Teach Us about Ebola
10/16/2014 -Health and Education
10/14/2014 -Personalized Medicine Versus Obamacare
10/14/2014 -What Every Family Should Know About High Deductible Health Insurance
10/11/2014 -ObamaCare for Dummies
10/10/2014 -Can Placebos Lower Health Care Costs?
10/9/2014 -Can Anyone Be Objective About Obamacare?
10/8/2014 -Who Is Paying the Health Care Bill? Not the Patient
10/7/2014 -Save the Children from the FDA
10/6/2014 -What if Obamacare Doesn’t Change Much of Anything?
10/4/2014 -Inequality Explained
10/3/2014 -What the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know about Income Inequality
10/2/2014 -Paul Krugman’s One Bad Idea
10/1/2014 -Infant Mortality Explained
10/1/2014 -Obamacare’s ER Surprise
10/1/2014 -Is There Anything Good About Obamacare?
9/29/2014 -The Right to Die
9/26/2014 -More Discrimination Against the Sick
9/25/2014 -Is Obamacare Changing the Way Doctors Practice Medicine?
9/24/2014 -How Much Are We Really Spending on Health Care?
9/23/2014 -Why You Are Likely to Lose Your Health Insurance—No Matter How Much You Like It
9/22/2014 -Discriminating Against the Sick
9/18/2014 -Is Obamacare Shrinking Your Paycheck?
9/17/2014 -The Right to Work
9/16/2014 -What Can Employers Do to Reduce the Cost of Obamacare?
9/16/2014 -Is the Variation in Health Care Spending Among the States a Myth?
9/16/2014 -Is Obamacare Working?
9/15/2014 -Why Are Doctors So Unhappy?
9/8/2014 -Why Did We Celebrate Labor Day?
9/4/2014 -Krugman: Wrong on Health Again
9/2/2014 -Obamacare Is Affecting Everyone
9/2/2014 -Don’t Trap People in Medicaid
8/28/2014 -Everyone Should Have a Concierge Doctor
8/27/2014 -Why Do People Move? One Reason Is Taxes
8/26/2014 -Let’s Abolish the Corporate Income Tax
8/25/2014 -Why Can’t People Find a Job? One Big Reason Is Obamacare
8/25/2014 -Let’s Privatize Medicare
8/21/2014 -For Medicare, Private Is Better Than Public
8/20/2014 -Is Obamacare Hazardous to Your Health?
8/19/2014 -Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?
8/18/2014 -Should You Be Able to Sell Your Kidney?
8/18/2014 -Krugman Gets One Right
8/15/2014 -How Republicans Can Win (or Lose) on Health Care
8/13/2014 -Buyer’s Remorse
8/12/2014 -The Obamacare Mandate Isn’t Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance After All
8/7/2014 -How Much Do We Really Owe?
8/4/2014 -Krugman vs. Real Economists
8/4/2014 -Three Cheers for Ryan’s Plan
7/31/2014 -Did Massachusetts Health Reform Improve the Health of the Previously Uninsured?
7/30/2014 -How Broke Is Social Security?
7/30/2014 -Can the Exchanges Be Turned into Real Markets?
7/30/2014 -What France Can Teach Us About Obamacare
7/29/2014 -Does Pay-for-Performance Work?
7/29/2014 -Medicare Hype
7/28/2014 -Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?
7/14/2014 -Supply-Side Contraceptives
7/14/2014 -When the Last Republican Leaves
7/10/2014 -The Right Way to Subsidize Health Insurance
7/9/2014 -ObamaCare Is Costing A Lot More Than You Think
7/7/2014 -How Much Should Your Health Insurer Know About Your Health?
6/16/2014 -Can Obamacare Be Fixed?
6/13/2014 -Do Republicans Have an Alternative to Obamacare?
5/12/2014 -Can Obamacare Be Fixed?
5/5/2014 -You Can’t Buy Insurance Until Next November
4/7/2014 -Why Is Obamacare a Rube Goldberg Contraption?
3/24/2014 -A Costly Failed Experiment
3/21/2014 -A Costly Failed Experiment
3/13/2014 -Replace Obamacare, Stat
3/13/2014 -Economic Growth Is The Greatest Anti-Poverty Program
3/10/2014 -Worse Than Death Panels: Cookbook Medicine
3/10/2014 -Popular Medicare Drug Plans Are Under Assault
2/25/2014 -A Health Reform Republicans and Democrats Agree On
2/18/2014 -Why We Lost the War on Poverty
1/27/2014 -A Simple Alternative to the Obamacare Mandate
1/24/2014 -The ObamaCare Carnival of Perverse Incentives
1/9/2014 -Five Myths About Inequality
12/23/2013 -Papal Economics
12/18/2013 -What If No Doctor Will See You?
12/11/2013 -A Conservative Alternative to Obamacare
12/4/2013 -Is Poverty Really the Result of Bad Luck?
12/4/2013 -Paul Krugman Is Wrong Yet Again about Obamacare
12/2/2013 -The New Healthcare Contract with America
11/26/2013 -Was Kennedy a Conservative?
11/21/2013 -None Dare Call It Fascism
11/13/2013 -President Obama’s Health Reform Will Shred the Safety Net
10/3/2013 -Obamacare’s Insurance Exchanges Will Foster a Race to the Healthcare Bottom
10/3/2013 -Let’s Privatize the Welfare State
9/3/2013 -ObamaCare Was Sold to American Voters on Deceptive Terms
8/21/2013 -ObamaCare Pushes Big Medical Practice Changes
8/21/2013 -Don’t Be Fooled, ObamaCare Will Drive Up Unemployment and Healthcare Costs
8/13/2013 -Is Liberalism Keeping the Poor, Poor?
7/31/2013 -How Do Ponzi Schemes End?
6/27/2013 -Does the Beggar on the Street Have a Moral Claim on My Earnings?
6/26/2013 -Medicare by the Scary Numbers
6/25/2013 -What If the Exchanges Aren’t Ready In Time
6/24/2013 -Medicare by the Scary Numbers
6/12/2013 -What Paul Krugman and The New York Times Don’t Know About Healthcare Reform
5/24/2013 -Coming Soon to America: A Two-Tiered, Canadian-Style Health Care System
5/22/2013 -Why the Left and the Right Can’t Talk to Each Other About Health Care
5/21/2013 -Navigating the ObamaCare Maze
5/16/2013 -The Cruel Things Obama Is Doing to the Labor Market
5/13/2013 -Devastating News for ObamaCare Backers
5/1/2013 -Malpractice Law Is Bad for Your Health
5/1/2013 -Guns, Bombs, and Government
5/1/2013 -Achieving Obamacare Goals without Obamacare
4/25/2013 -Why ObamaCare May Cost You Your Job
4/15/2013 -Thatcher’s Enemies
4/5/2013 -Bait and Switch
3/5/2013 -How Liberals Live
2/26/2013 -What Is Liberalism?
2/19/2013 -Conservative Think Tanks on Health Care
2/8/2013 -Why I Am More Egalitarian Than Most Liberals on Health Care
2/1/2013 -Bad Parents, Poor Kids
1/18/2013 -Can We Spend Ourselves from Recession to Prosperity?
1/7/2013 -Fiscal Cliff: Who Won? Who Lost?
12/3/2012 -Reforming Medicare
11/29/2012 -Why Does the Federal Government Subsidize Retirement?
11/16/2012 -Why the U.S. Job Market Remains Terribly Bleak
11/12/2012 -Did the Election Save ObamaCare?
11/8/2012 -Socialism Kills
11/5/2012 -Silicon Valley Employers Go Wild with Lavish Employee Benefits
10/27/2012 -Beware the “Grand Bargain”
10/24/2012 -Contrary to What Nicholas Kristof Tells You, Healthcare Is Not Free
10/20/2012 -Does Mitt Romney Want to Let People Die?
10/17/2012 -The Better Solution for ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’
10/17/2012 -The Better Solution for ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’
10/13/2012 -Who Really Cares About the Poor?
10/6/2012 -Worse Than Death Panels
10/1/2012 -HSAs Force Health Providers to Compete
9/29/2012 -How Much Do We Owe?
9/22/2012 -Your Fair Share
9/21/2012 -Can Personalized Healthcare Survive Obamacare’s Medicine Assembly Line?
9/19/2012 -Personalized Healthcare Choice vs. Government Mandated Obamacare - Part 1
9/15/2012 -Saving Seniors from ObamaCare
9/10/2012 -Health Care Without Prices
9/8/2012 -Which Party Is the Party of Big Government?
9/1/2012 -Are Employers Unfair to Women?
8/30/2012 -Do You Care More than Paul Krugman Cares?
8/25/2012 -Mediscare
8/23/2012 -Medicare Wars
8/22/2012 -Ten Myths in the Medicare Ad Wars
8/20/2012 -Why the Doctor Can’t See You
8/20/2012 -Medicare Drama More Hype than Reality
8/18/2012 -The Ryan Budget
8/14/2012 -Why the Doctor Can’t See You
8/4/2012 -The Truth about Guns
7/31/2012 -A New Alternative to Obamacare
7/28/2012 -Supreme Court Saved the Near Poor?
7/21/2012 -Obama: There Are No Self-Made Men?
7/18/2012 -Dissecting the Parties’ Positions on Medicare
7/14/2012 -Uncertainty
7/7/2012 -Healthcare Contract with America
6/30/2012 -Repeal and Replace
6/28/2012 -Let’s Repeal and Replace Obamacare
6/23/2012 -The HMO in Your Future
6/16/2012 -Does Unequal Mean Unfair?
6/12/2012 -Repeal and Replace
6/11/2012 -Should Social Security and Medicare Be Means Tested?
6/9/2012 -Inequality
6/2/2012 -Is ObamaCare Slowing the Economy?
5/26/2012 -Are We Going Over a Cliff?
5/24/2012 -Lying About Health Reform
5/21/2012 -Why Do We Regulate?
5/19/2012 -Out of Ideas
5/17/2012 -How We Can Keep From Going Broke
5/16/2012 -The Real Women’s Issues
5/12/2012 -Myths About Inequality
5/11/2012 -What Food Stamps Can Teach Us about Health Care
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