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A. M. C. Waterman is a retired fellow at St. John’s College, Winnipeg, Canada; professor emeritus of economics at the University of Manitoba; and senior member of Robinson College at Cambridge University. He was ordained as a Priest for the Diocese of Rupert’s Land and served as Assistant Curate for All Saints in Winnepeg; Priest-in-Charge for St. Michael and All Angels in Winnepeg; and elected delegate to and Member of the National Executive Council of the General Synod of Canada. He received his BTheol. from St. John’s College in Winnipeg, M.A. in economics from Selwyn College (under Joan Robinson), and Ph.D. in economics and economic history from Australian National University, and he has taught at St. Mark's Collegiate Library in Canberra, Boston College, University of Victoria, University College at Oxford University, and University of Sussex.

He is a contributor to numerous scholarly volumes and journals, and his many books include Revolution, Economics and Religion: Christian Political Economy, 1798-1833; Economic Fluctuations in Australia, 1945-1964; Poverty in Canada: A Christian Perspective; The Collected Economic Papers of C. L. Barber; Economics and Religion: Are They Distinct?; Religion and Economics: Normative Social Theory; Political Economy and Christian Theology since the Enlightenment: Essays in Intellectual History; “Are Economists Basically Immoral?” And Other Essays on Economics, Ethics, and Religion by Paul Heyne; and Paul Samuelson: Selected Essays in the History of Economic Analysis.