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Stephen J. Moore is Distinguished Visiting Fellow in the Project for Economic Growth at the Heritage Foundation. He has formerly served as Senior Economics Writer and Member of the Editorial Board for The Wall Street Journal, Partner at Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics, Founder and President of the Club for Growth, Founder of the Free Enterprise Fund, Senior Economist at the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Budgetary Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the Cato Institute.

Moore is a Contributing Editor for National Review and a frequent economics commentator on CNBC's Kudlow & Company. He also appears on Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, and he is a frequent commentator on CNN's weekend program Your Money.

His books include Who's the Fairest of Them All? The Truth about Opportunity, Taxes, and Wealth in America; It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years (with Julian L. Simon); Bullish On Bush: How George Bush's Ownership Society Will Make America Stronger; The End of Prosperity (with Arthur B. Laffer and Peter Tanous); Still an Open Door? U.S. Immigration Policy and the American Economy; Privatization: A Strategy for Taming the Deficit; and Restoring the Dream: What House Republicans Plan to Do Now to Strengthen the Family, Balance the Budget, and Replace Welfare.

Out of Work in America July 22, 1993
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