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    2018 Independent Institute Annual Report

    Independent is advancing peace, prosperity and liberty with our principled, solutions-oriented, work—which we have shared via hundreds of groundbreaking books, scholarly articles, social media campaigns, and much more.

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    California Golden Fleece® Awards

    California lawmakers and government employees have used taxpayer money to secretly settle sexual misconduct claims, earning this corrupt and abusive system the latest California Golden Fleece® Award.

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    NEW WEBSITE: Catalyst

    Catalyst is our new website devoted to issues that Millennials care about the most: jobs, housing costs, education, student debt, healthcare, and personal freedoms. Learn, engage, and connect.

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    NEW BOOK: Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France: Tyranny and Resistance

    By Stephen P. Halbrook

    In the 1930s, French Prime Minister Pierre Laval imposed gun registration, making it easier for the Nazis to confiscate weapons when they invaded in 1940.

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    NEW BOOK: T.R.M. Howard: Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer

    By David T. Beito and Linda Royster Beito

    Born into poverty in 1908, T.R.M. Howard became a surgeon, started numerous organizations and businesses, crusaded for black empowerment, and continues to inspire lessons for today.

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An Evening with Tucker Carlson

At this sold-out Independent Institute event, Tucker Carlson discusses America's elites, a group whose power and wealth from government privilege have grown beyond imagination even as the rest of the country has floundered.


Love Gov 2 Episode 1: A Room Without a View

Bound by a restraining order, Scott “Gov” Govinski has an epiphany: Why focus on just one person if you can “help” far more?


Love Gov 2: A Crisis Not to Waste | Trailer (Official)

Gov is back! Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” an entire group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves.

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